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It did not. Please pick up a textbook and change your distorted view on evolution. Nowhere in the theory of evolution does it say that whites are superior to blacks and Jews and therefore they should be killed. Hitler was a deranged whack job whose intentions were based upon his hatred of everyone but his own race, not evolution. Evolution was the cause of the Holocaust?! First of all Kent Hovind isn't a real doctor, he got his degree from from a non-accredited religious institution, which explains why he ignores scientific fact and thinks that fossils are only 6,000 years old. He could believe in creationism but to spread the Propaganda that evolution was the cause of the holocaust is utterly insane. Also, Ted Haggard was a firm believer in god and he ended up paying for sex with a man and doing methamphetamine with him. So by your logic, or is it Hovind's logic, I don't know who I'm talking to, all people who believe in god think that paying for sex with a man and doing methamphetamine with him is ok.

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Q: Did Evolution lead to the slaughter of millions in World War 2?
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