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Tojo did not bomb it himself, he did order the surprise attack on Hawaii, also known as Pearl Harbor.

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Q: Did General Hideki Tojo bomb Pearl Harbor?
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Who was the leader in the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Hideki Tojo

What was hideki tojo's actions?

he attacked pearl harbor

Who ordered the attackon pearl harbor attack?

Hideki Tojo

What did hideki tojo do to Pearl Harbor?

He bombed it (face palm)

Who lead Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor?

Hideki Tojo

What are some accomplishments of hideki tojo?

The bombing of pearl harbor is one

Who was the actual leader of Japan's government during Pearl Harbor?

Hideki Tojo

Who were the main people involed in the attack of Pearl Harbor?

FDR and Hideki Tojo

Military dictator in japan who ordered attack on pearl harbor?

Hideki Tojo

Who Led the Japanese government at the time of the attack on pearl harbor?

Hideki Tojo

How did general hideki tojo comtribute to world war 2?

He planned out the naval attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the greatest naval strategist.

Who was in-charge of the attack on pearl harbor?

Hideki Tojo: Japan's Prime Minister at the time

How did Hideki Tojo feel after pearl harbor was bombed?

He felt as if he had "awaken a sleeping giant."

How did tojo come into power?

Hideki Tojo came into power in Japan after the people revolted and did away with their government. Hideki Tojo was the Japanese military leader who was responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor in World War II.

Outspoken expansionist who was Japanese prime minister at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack?

Hideki Tojo

Who was the leader of Japan When Pearl Harbor was attcked?

Emperor HirohitoPrime Minister Hideki Tojo

Why was hideki tojo important in world war 2?

TOJO HIDEKI, 1884-1948), Japanese political and military leader. The premier who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, he personified Japanese militarism.

Who was the prime minister of japan when pearl harbor was attacked?

General Tojo.

What were Hideki Tojo's hobbies?

See website: General Tojo

Where was hideki tojo from World War 2?

General Hideki Tojo was the dictator of Japan during WWII.

What did Hideki Tojo say after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Here are two quotes from Hideki Tojo, Prime Minister of Japan, after the bombing on Pearl Harbor. He saw it as a miracle of surprise since the US was not ready or on the alert. He had a superior attitude over the Americans. When reflecting upon it today, that the Pearl Harbor attack should have succeeded in achieving surprise seems a blessing from Heaven. It was clear that a great American fleet had been concentrated in Pearl Harbor, and we supposed that the state of alert would be very high. Hideki Tojo With options thus foreclosed, in order to protect and defend the nation and clear the obstacles that stood in its path, a decisive appeal to arms was made. Hideki Tojo

When did Hideki Tojo realize the US was the most powerful potential enemy in ww2?

When the US didnt negotiate for peace after Pearl Harbor

Who was the general for japan when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

General Hideki Tojo was both the chief of the Japanese Army and the Prime Minister of Japan. The December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was mostly his decision. After Japan's surrender, Tojo was taken in to custody by American forces. Tojo attempted suicide by shooting himself with a pistol, but he missed his heart and survived. He was tried for war crimes, and executed by hanging in December 1948.

Who was the prime minister of Japan at the time of attack on Pearl Harbor?

Tojo Hideki (1884-1948), Japanese political and military leader. The premier who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, he personified Japanese militarism.

How is hideki tojo remembered today?

he was the one that started pearl harbor. He was the general in charge of giving the command and afterwards he regrated doing it but at the time he wanted to d what was right for japan and wanted to be like hitler.

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