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George Lopez

Did George Lopez always want to be a comedian?

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I don't believe George Lopez has a son. He has a daughter named Mayan Lopez. If you want to know the name of his character's son in the TV sitcom "George Lopez", the name is Max Lopez.

wow, the first answer made me want to vomit. Is this person going to start singing now like a Disney movie? He's estimated to be about $75 Million. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ George Lopez is a person. People cannot buy people.

I think so because anybody can post whatever they want and what if they say george Lopez is Persian! haha

why u want to know this is jenifer Lopez here i don't give out my address to strandgers for the safety of my family

Because he wanted to become a comedian

In George and Lennie's dream farm, Lennie had always wanted to grow alfalfa to feed his rabbits with.

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The best Comedian is Josh Thomas he is so so funny if you want to see him go on youtube and type in Josh Thomas and you will laugh your head off lol

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Boys always want to do sex in new methods.They always want encouragement from their partner.

well, Joe Jonas actually wanted to be a comedian but he likes being a singer.

I am sure you are very young, we always get what we want, but do we really need it?

George wanted trust from the people.

he wants him to not say anything because lenny always speaks without thinking and does stupid stuff that gets the pair of them into trouble.

Yes. The author is Nick Jensen and it is available on Goodreads in book and Kindle forms.

Well i want to know why did Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony divorce??

She wears Thongs.Why would anyone want to ask this and why would you answer it?

George wants to buy a car from Tom.

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