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Yes he won thevwarnof independeince

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Q: Did George Washington win the first war he fought in?
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Related questions

What was the name of the first war George Washington fought for the british?

He fought in the French and Indian War, before he fought in the Revolutionary War.

What was the first war George Washington fought in?

His first war was the French and Indian War where he served in the British army.

Why did George Washington fighted in the civil war?

No, George Washington fought in the American Revolutionary War.

George Washington famous for what?

First of all George Washington was a president.Second of all he was the first president (of the united states).And third of all he was a president who fought in the Revolutionary War.

How old was George Washington when he fought the revolutionary war?

George Washington was 43 when the revolutionary war began.

Why was George Washington your first president?

He and his team fought the British soliders in a war and won.

When did George Washington fight the French?

A young George Washington fought for the British in the French and Indian War.

Who fought in the seven years war?

George Washington

What did George Washington do to start the French and Indian war?

George Washington did nothing to start the French and Indian War, he fought in it as a British soldier.

What actions did George Washington make?

fought in war and made peace first president :p

What did George Washington fight for?

George Washington fought for independence in the Revolutionary War!!!!!!!!!

George Washington fought in what war?

The French and Indian War and the American Revolution

Did George Washington fight in the war?

Yes. George Washington fought in two wars the French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years War) from 1754-1763, and the American Revolution War from 1775-1781.And he also fought in the war of 1978

What is an important event from George Washington?

He fought in the Civil War

What did George Washington do for his people?

He went to war and fought for our country

What did George Washington Fight for as President?

he fought for the revolutionary war

How was George Washington brave?

he fought in nine battles during the revolutionary war.

What side was George Washington on during the revolutionary war?

George Washington was the commander of the American Forces that opposed the British In the Revolutionary War. He fought for America's freedom, not for Britain.

Who was George Washigton?

George Washington was the 1st president of this country and fought in Revolutionary War.

What are the names of the battles that George Washington fought in?

One thin I know is that he fought in the revolutionary war

What wars did George Washington fight in?

Washington fought in both the French and Indian war and the revolutionary war.George Washington fought as an officer in the British Army in the French and Indian Wars and later as Commander-in-Chief of the (American) Continental Army in the American war of Independence (the Revolutionary War).

Where Did George Washington was when The War Started?

George Washington was fought in the Revolutionary war, he was a commander of the Second Continental Army. And he was a commander of Virginian army during French and Indian War.

Was George Washington alive during the civil war?

No, the American civil war was fought from 1861 to 1865. George Washington died December 14, 1799.

What side did George Washington fight for in the French and Indian War?

The French and Indian War was fought in the years 1754 to 1763. This war was fought by the United Kingdom and its colonies against the French and its Native American Allies. During this war, George Washington fought as a Colonel in the Virginia Regiment on the side of the United Kingdom.

What war was fought while George Washington was president?

American Revolution