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Did Georgia have slaves and indentured servants?


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Yes. Georgia had both slaves and indentured servants.


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indentured servants were cheaper then the african slaves

what role did slaves and indentured servants play in the colonies

They didn’t have indentured servants. Only slaves were used.

New York had indentured servants and slaves.

There never were slaves in NY, but there were indentured servants at first. Later, they faded out.

When the colonies required indentured servants or slaves it was to do the work. The first slave arrived in Jamestown in 1609 and after tobacco got a start in the colony workers were needed. Indentured servants didn't work out as well, so more slaves were brought in than indentured servants.

Slaves are owned by other people. Indentured servants signed a 7 year contract and were free people.

The southern colonies had both. The indentured servants were most likely prisoners.

slaves and indentured servants were first brought to north American to work producing

Slaves could be worked longer and harder and treated poorer than indentured servants, making them a financially better deal for the owners. In addition, as the laws changed, the children of slaves became slaves themselves. Indentured servants would move on when their debt was paid.

Because old Americana's where lazy and disgusting. there where not needed. all of the indentured servants are basically slaves.

Indentured servants were cheaper to employers compared to slaves.

Indentured servants work less then enslaved people, they get more breaks then the slaves.

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No. Indentured workers were very early in colonial history and slaves replaced them as workers.

declining death rates made slaves more profitable than indentured servants

The indentured servants had to work since they got paid a lot of money and the slaves were forced to work and there master treated them badly

In the early days of the American colonies, slaves and indentured servants had no rights worth speaking about. More so with slaves. However, in order to have indentured servants and slaves work to full capacity, these poor people were treated well enough to keep them fed & housed. Some of course were badly mistreated, tortured and killed.

They feared an uprising of the indentured white servants and, unlike the indentured servants, slaves would be servants for life instead of the usual 7+ years.

Slaves cost much less: to buy and to care for than indentured servants.

Indentured servants, and then slaves.

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