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Yes after Russia declared war on Austro-Hungary. (Germany's ally)

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It was Germany who declared war on Russia on June 22 1941

Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire

It was actually Germany who declared war on Russia on August 1, 1914.

France, Germany, and Britain vs. Russia and Serbia.

England and France declared war on Germany after Germany, (and Russia), invaded Poland.

The assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was the immediate cause of World War I. He was killed by a Serbian terrorist, which caused Austria to declare war on Serbia. Serbia was allied with Russia, who intervened, causing Germany to declare war on Russia, which caused France to declare war on Germany.

Germany declared war with Russia on 1st of August 1914 & in WW2 on the 22nd June 1941.

Answer: Russia mobilized along the German border. Russia's mobilization amounted to a declaration of war. On August 1, German government declare war on Russia.

1 Aug 1914 Germany declared war on Russia. 3 Aug 1914 Germany declared war on France.

Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary to support their ally Serbia. This forced Germany to declare war on Russia to support their ally Austria-Hungary.

The point was that Russia had mobilized its army in some areas.

Germany in WW1 declared war on russia because they claimed that russia had already crossed their frontier and already started the war...

Declaring war on the USA after Japan declared war on America. Germany declared war on America hoping Japan would declare war on Russia. Since Japan did not declare war on Russia (Russia would later declare war on Japan), Germany did not have to declare on America. If Germany had not declared war on the USA, America would have difficulty in declaring war on Germany (although USA and Germany naval vessels in the North Atlantic were shooting at one another in 1941). If Germany had not declared war on the USA, then Hitler would not have had to face the military men and equipment of America. Although Russia fought the majority of land battles against Germany, it was American men and equipment that helped Russia and Britain and other Allied nations to defeat Germany.

Germany did not declare war on Britain. Britain declared war on Germany to protect Belgium.

The official declaration came on August 1, 1914.

France was allied to Russia in a pact. When Russia declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary, France followed suit.

do you know when Britain declared war on Germany and austria-Hungary

World War 1 Germany invaded Russia in 1917 after Russia backed out of the war. World War 2 Germany invaded Russia during the Second World War on June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa

It didn't. Germany started invading other countries which made France and the UK declare war on Germany.

August 6, 1914 ...right after Germany declared war on Serbia's allies, France and Russia...

Germany didn't declare war on the US in world war 1. It was the US that declared war on Germany on April 6th 1917 as a result of the unrestricted submarine war introduced by Germany in January that year. - I Warner

Germany declared war on the US on 11 December 1941. In the hopes that Japan would declare war on Russia.

Hitler wanted Russia's resouces like oil and to make slaves of the Russians and take their land

they attacked because austria-hungary attacked serbia.

After Germany declared war on Russia to help Austria-Hungary (who was attacked by Russia after they attacked Serbia), France made clear their intent to stand by their ally (Russia, obviously), so Germany declared war on them, too, planning to take them out then go after Russia to prevent a two-front war. Unluckily for Germany, Russia prepared pretty quickly so Germany had to send troops to the Eastern Front as well and fight a two-front war.

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