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Germany did not run out of infantry in WWII. It lost the war because of decisions made at the High Command level. The decision to start a war with the Soviet Union before finishing off Britain is widely held as one of the key mistakes that doomed Germany. By allowing Britain to remain and then starting a war on a thousand mile front, it drained resources and split the German forces.

The German infantyman was superior to any other on the battlefield until late 1943. By that time the drain of a two front war had forced the Army especially into a defensive battle against a country that could afford to sacrifice territory and men for time.

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Did Germany win or lose in world war 1?


Did Germany lose world war 1?


Who lose WW1 and World War 2?


Where did Germany lose in World War 2?

One major loss for Germany In World War Two was in Stalingrad,

Why did Germany lose WW1?

the world was winning and Germany was sufering the loss of food and suplies

How many world cups did Germany lose?

Germany lost two times . Germany lost by Spain and Serbia.

What year did Germany lose world war 1?


What territory did Germany lose after World War 2?


Why did Germany Japan and Italy lose World War 2?

Essentially, Germany, Italy, and Japan lost World War II because they ran out of resources. They lost too many men and materiel to win.

What country did Netherlands lose to in 1974 in the World Cup?

West Germany.

Did Serbia lose in World War 1 against Germany?


Where did Germany lose the war?

World War II, during the holocaust.

Why did Germany lose against Britain in World War 2?

The Germans let them win. We felt sorry for the Brittish because they have such nasty teeth.

Did Germany lose World War 2 because they fought on too many fronts?

That was one of the reasons for Germany's loss of WW 2.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War I how did this affect the German war plans?

Russia was not an ally of Germany in World War 1.

Who did Germany lose to World War 1?

In World War One, Germany lost primarily to the allies, Great Britain, France, and the United States.

Why did the Axis during World War 2 lose?

Germany surrendered in 1945.

When did France lose to Germany in world war two?

25 June 1940

Why did Germany lose its colonial possessions?

They were all lost in World War 1.

Did Germany ever lose by 4 goals or more?

Germany vs England world cup qualifier in 2001 Germany lost 5-1

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War 1?

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.

What land had France lost to Germany in World War I?

France did not lose any land to Germany in World War 1 (1914-18). Are you thinking of a different war?

What did Germany lose that was valuable?

It's scientists. During World War 2 they fled to America, otherwise Germany would be the strongest and greatest country in the world and not America.

What was the significance of the Ludendorff offensive?

During the First World War, the Ludendorff Offensive was a series of attacks from Germany. This marked a desperate maneuver by Germany, because they realized that if they didn't beat the Allies quickly, they'd lose terribly.

How did world war 1 lead to further conflict?

The treaty of Versailles made Germany lose practically everything and gave them a huge debt towards France and Britain. So Germany soon got vengeful because of it.