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That was one of the reasons for Germany's loss of WW 2.

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Q: Did Germany lose World War 2 because they fought on too many fronts?
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Why was World War 2 fought on 2 fronts?

We were at war with Germany in Europe and we were attacked by Japan in the Pacific. So we fought on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific.

World war 1 who fought?

Because of Germany

Did Australia beat Nazi Germany in World War 2?

Australia fought as part of the Allies that defeated Germany in World War 2. Almost a million Australian soldiers fought in the war, primarily in the Pacific arena, but also on European and African fronts.

How was Germany at a military disadvantage in world war i?

It fought the war in two separate locations.It had to split its army to fight on two fronts.~APEX

Was world war 2 fought on land sea or air?

Yes, world war two was fought on all fronts.

Who had fought the US in World War I?

Germany fought the us in world war 1

Did Mexico fought in World War 2?

yes they fought in world war 2 because Germany sink one of Mexico ships

Why was Germany at disadvantage militarily in world war 1?

Germany had to fight on two fronts

What continent was most of world war you fought in?

World War II was fought mostly in Europe, though there were fronts in Africa, and then Asia as well.

What two fronts did the US fight on during World War 2?

The US fought on more than two fronts during WW 2.The ground fighting fronts included:North AfricaItalyFrance/GermanyCentral PacificWestern PacificAlaskaand the Home Front.

What impact did Russia leaving World War 1 have?

The war on Germany was no longer being fought on two fronts. All of the allied forces were on the West, meaning Germany could focus their full forces on the Western front.

What two major fronts was world war 2 fought on?

the western, Germany and pacific front Japan...however, you could say there were three fronts. those two are important, but the other is the home front. it had the most impact on the US economicaly,politicaly and socialy.

Who was involved in World War 1 in Austria and Hungary?

Allied by Germany & Turkey: Fought against by Russia & on the Italian/ Balkan fronts. The Brusilov offensive was devastating, though not sustained, by Russia.

What were the four fronts in World War 1?

The battle fronts were in France and Belgium. Usually were in France. Also in Gallipoli where the ANZACS fought against Turk.

Who was the world war fought against?

World War 1 was fought against primarily Germany.

Why did France fight during ww1?

France fought during World War 1 because Germany attacked France and France fought back.

What Way Did The US Fight World War 2 On Multiple Fronts?

The US fought in many different parts of the world during the war. A front is just a boundary between countries involved in the war, so multiple fronts is just, multiple of these different boundaries. The US fought in several different fronts which included, but are not limited to, Northern Africa, South East Asia, and Europe. These were all different fronts, as they are in different locations in the world.

Who fought with Germany in World War 1?

Austria/Hungary & TurkeyAustria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire fought with Germany.

Who was World War 2 fought against?


Where did they fight in World War 1?

WWI was fought primarily in Europe, with the exception of northern Africa. It is called 'world war' because it was fought by nations across the globe on the battlefield of Europe but not necessarily the whole world. The empires of Britain and France meant more countries were drawn into the conflict. The war in Europe was fought on three fronts; the Western, the Eastern and the Italian.

Where were the battles fought in World War 2?

Most of the battles were fought in Italy ,Japan, and Germany.

Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan and Italy fought against Germany in World War 1 but were on Germany's side in World War 2

The first world war was fought primarily against?


Who Adolf Hitler fought for in world war 2?

For Germany

One country that the us fought in world war?