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Type your answer here... Although Europe would like to say they did it was the UK who won the war

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No, Germany didn't win the World War 2 at all.

No, Germany was defeated.

Germany thought that they would win the war

Germany didn't win World War 1 because the schlieffen plan didn't work.

Germany did not win World War II. The axis powers, including Germany, were soundly defeated by the Allies. However, the Allies assisted the Germans to rebuild their country following the war.

Germany, like Japan, ran out of men and equipment.

The war between Germany and Japan ended in the year 1945.

Which war you mean? In WW I and WW II America helped Europe to beat Germany and its allies.

No didn't win the won in World War I,they lose,since been surrounded. But they later they caused World War II.

Germany blockaded Britain in ww1 because her people were starving and suffering. Germany did this after Britain had already blockaded Germany to try and win the war.

The key to winning the war in Europe was the "Russians" (Soviets). The war between the Soviets (Russian Front) and Germany was the primary war in Europe commencing in 1941. In Europe...anything but the Russian Front was a side-show.

he tried thrown germany and make them win the world war :) :) :)

Russia.USA.Germany.Israel.China. I vote that USA and Germany will win.

Yes it did Russia beated the Germans and America beated Japan. America was afraid that all the Europe and the glory will have Soviet Union and it rushed to Germany

Well, first of all, there were only two World Wars In the second World War Hitler was the head of Germany and took over much of Europe and some of Africa but was defeated by the Allied forces. Hitler did serve as a soldier in World War One, but Austria (Hitler was an Austrian by birth) did lose that war too. So, he didn't win any World Wars

No. In fact Germany didn't even survive the war as a country; it split into East and West Germany until 1989.

The arrival of new U.S troops in Europe.

The USSR didn't win World War 2 on its own. It needed the combined forces of the USSR, US and the British Empire to defeat Nazi Germany.

world war 1 ended when Germany was losing alot of land and noticed they would not win they surrendered on November the 11 world war 2 ended when Russia captured Germany and japan surrendered some time in 1945

Adolph Hitler leader of the German people and armed forces did not win the war. It was the Allied Forces that beat Germany into surrendering.

Germany could never win a war against the U.S because they would never try to after what happened in world war 2 and world war 1. Also if they did try, I'm not sure how they would attack us as they are not allowed to have a military (since World War II). Other than that, its difficult to predict this kind of thing.

By D-Day Germany had NO chance at all of winning the war. Germany's best prospect would have been a change of r

No. They were soundly beaten. Germany was occupied by the Allies and about 12 million Germans were expelled from eastern Europe. Germany's reputation was mud for a very long time to come.

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