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Did Haile Selassie accept being considered God by the Rastafarians?

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2013-08-30 01:51:39

The answer to your question that is most easily researched comes

from newspaper accounts at the time of the arrival of H.I.M. on the

island of Jamaica - Jamaican & other Nations papers covered

H.I.M. movements & activities extensively after speeches to

Org. of African Unity & League of Nations - Black American

newspapers in some cities covered H.I.M. & Garvey - my father

related being called to gather around the short -wave radio by his

father to listen to the broadcast of the coronation of H.I.M. - the

crowning of a King/Emperor in Africa was considered by many

bible-reading lay/regular Black folk to be the fulfillment of

biblical prophecy according to my maternal Grandmother.

Bottom Line: Research the media ( also photo archives) of the


Short answer: H.I.M. was surprised, (refused to leave airplane

at first because of surrounding crowd), somewhat shocked and rather

vocal about NOT being seen as divine or Divinity.

As a former Rastafarian, I too believed Haile Selassie to be

Messiah. Upon further research and a fervent desire for truth (even

if it was different from what I already believed), I came across a

radio interview in a song by Christafari. Here in this interview

Haile Selassie plainly denies being anything other than a man. He

himself worshiped Jesus Christ and fellowshipped with very

prominent Christians. While in Exile, he stayed in Wales with Reese

Howells-a bible believing Christian known for his many miraculously

answered prayers(

) Haile Selassie was a good man in many respects. He was a great

leader and a strong Christian. He loved the bible and believed it

to be flawless. He belonged to the Ethiopic Coptic church (that Bob

Marley was baptized into 3 weeks before his death). Rastafarianism

only makes sense if you are high, indoctrinated, and then kept

high. There are so many holes in the religion itself, I'm surprised

to find as few books on the subject. Matthew 24:23-28 makes it very

clear to not believe anyone if they ever tell you that Jesus has

returned. Jesus with His own mouth said he would come in such a way

that everyone on earth would not only know, but that the earth

would immediately be overrun with ALL of the angels. (the bible

says there are more angels than the stars in the sky. There are

enough stars in the sky to have everyone who ever lived own 1.3

TRILLION stars!) Believe the Messiah when He speaks. If Haile

Selassie was Christ, then He lied in the book he sees as perfect.

Haile Selassie was Not Jesus Christ. He was a great man and a

passionate leader. Why isn't this enough?

That answer is not true. Haile Selassie I never once said he was

not God.

Here is a quote from the book Reggae Routes: The Story of

Jamaican Music By Kevin O'Brien


Former Senator and Gleaner editor, Hector Wynter, tells of

asking him, during his visit to Jamaica in 1966, when he was going

to tell Rastafarians he was not God. 'Who am I to disturb their

belief?' replied the emperor.


And in regard to the interview where the man above says "he

plainly denied", there was no denial, he didn't once in his answer

say that he is not God.

Selassie I is One with Jah, Selassie I is Jah.

A lot of people use the interview answer below to say that

Selassie is not Jah. But it is just misinterpretation of his


Bill McNeil: "there are millions of Christians throughout

the world, your Imperial Majesty, who regard you as the

reincarnation of Jesus Christ."

Selassie I: "I had heard of that idea. I also met certain

Rastafarians. I told them clearly that 'I am a Man,' that 'I am

mortal,'(I have heard that an Ethiopian that listened to this

interview said that Selassie I never said mortal) and that 'I

would be replaced by the oncoming generation, and that they should

never make a mistake in assuming or pretending that the human being

is emanated from a deity.'"

When I look at RasTafarI's answer, this is how I understand it.

He showed the people that he is a Man, and will be replaced by the

oncoming generation. Selassie I was born of mother and father, just

like I and I, so he didn't flow out (emanate) of God, any more than

I and I. Both I and I and Selassie I come from the lineage of Adam

and Eve.

Notice that he said that the humans we see have not emanated

from God, but he never said that a human cannot be God. I and I can

be God, but only by being One with Jah. I and I can't be God

separate from Jah, as two gods. But I and I can only join with Jah,

to be One with HIM, as One God.

Selassie lives by the example of Christ, so he became One with

Jah by his destiny and livity. And all of I and I can also be One

with Jah, by I and I livity. Selassie I said that "we should never

make a mistake in assuming or pretending that the human being is

emanated from a deity". This statement shows I that no man, not

even the Son of Man Christ, emanated (or flowed out) from God.

Christ was born of his mother Mary, and by his destiny and livity

became One with Jah.

Jah first sent Christ born from a virgin, to show I and I the

way to live. But afterwards, people made the excuse that they can't

live without sin, or be One with Jah. They made the excuse that

because Christ was born differently, that it was possible for him

to live this way, but not for us, because we are born from mother

and father.

So Jah sent RasTafarI to I and I, to show I and I the way to

live. Haile Selassie I was born of mother and father, just like I

and I, so we no longer have the excuse that we can't live without

sin and be One with Jah. If Selassie I can be born like I and I,

and still live without sin and be One with Jah, then I and I can do

the same.

So I and I should know that it is not about I and I coming out

of God to be One with Jah. But it is about I and I going to God to

be One with Jah. And I and I go to God by living in His way and

listening to His instruction and joining ourselves with the Most


Jah RasTafarI is One with Jah, and like I already said about

One. One is One in completeness, no separation, and no parts. And I

and I are supposed to be One with Jah also, this is the way to

reach Zion, because no sin shall not enter in.

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