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Q: Did Harry Redknapp lose his sense of smell and taste in a car crash?
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Did Harry Redknapp have face reconstruction?

In June 1990, whilst watching the World Cup in Italy, Harry Redknapp was involved in a car crash with Bournemouth's managing director Brian Tiler, who died along with four other people. Although Redknapp made a full recovery apart from being permanently without a sense of smell.

Was Harry Redknapp involved in a bad car accident?

In June 1990, Harry Redknapp, then the manager of Bournemouth, was involved in a road accident, along with York City chairman Michael Sinclair, Aston Villa chairman Fred Whitehouse, and Bournemouth's managing director Brian Tiler. Tiler passed away in the incident along with four other people who were in a minibus collision with a car containing Italian soldiers. As a result of the accident, which left Redknapp unconscious for two days, he lost his sense of smell and gained a minor facial tic, but otherwise made a full recovery.

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