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Yes he did. Tdk was actually his last finished film.

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Q: Did Heath Ledger finish the dark knight movie?
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Has Heath Ledger ever been the joker?

Yes Heath Ledger was the Joker in the 2008 movie "The Dark Knight".

Who plays William in the movie A Knight's Tale?

Heath Ledger

Who played the role of joker in the Dark Knight?

Heath Ledger played this role in the 2008 movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

Was Heath Ledger In The Dark Knight?

You bet! He played The Joker in that movie.

What role did Heath Ledger play in the movie the dark knight?


What movie was Heath Ledger in 2001?

In 2001 Heath Ledger played Sonny Grotowski in Monster's Ball and William Thatcher in A Knight's Tale.

Who finished playing the joker in the dark knight after Heath Ledger died?

Nobody. He got to finish it. He died January 22 and the movie was done before that.

Who was Joker In The Movie Batman?

In the movie Batman (the dark knight) Heath Ledger played as the joker.

How did Chaucer make Heath Ledger famous?

The actor Heath Ledger became more popular when he starred in the movie " A Knight's Tale". The play "The Knight's Tale" was written by Chaucer and modernized by the film industry to create the movie that Mr. Ledger starred in. His popularity did increase by being in this movie.

In which movie did Heath Ledger play the character Sir William Thatcher?

A Knight's Tale

Were Christian Bale Heath Ledger in a bat man movie together?

Yes, Christian Bale played Batman and Heath Ledger played The Joker, in 'The Dark Knight.'

Did Heath Ledger complete acting in The Dark Knight?

Yes. According to Director Christopher Nolan, Ledger completed the whole movie before he died. However he didn't get to finish filming 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'. = =

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