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Eventually, Juno, his jealous stepmother, drove Hercules insane. Due to his insanity, Hercules killed his wife, Megara, and their three children. Hercules exiled himself because of the shame that he had brought on himself through his lack of sanity. Later in life Hercules went to the town of Thebes and married Deianira. She bore him many children.

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What was Hercules child's name?

Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek hero Herakles. Neither Hercules or Heraklea had any children.

How did Hercules kill his parents?

Hercules did not kill his parents. He killed his children.

Did Hercules eat his children?


Hercules was the god of?

Hercules was not a god. He was the son of Zeus's. Zeus had a child with a mortal and that was Hercules (along with 150 + children)

Is huceles the son of Zeus?

Hercules is A son of Zeus. Zeus has many children, and Hercules was one of them. Hercules is a demigod.

How many pages does Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules have?

Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules has 256 pages.

What children did Zeus have with Hera?


Are Hercules children demigods?


Who are Hercules children?

Hercules killed them in a drunken they didn't really do much.

Who were the children of Hercules and Megara?

The children (that Hercueles killed) were never named.

Did Hercules have siblings?

Zeus is the father of Hercules. Zeus had over 100+ children, so therefore Hercules had a bunch of half brothers and sisters.

Who were children of Zeus and Hera?

Hercules an persues

Did Megara become Hercules wife?

Megara was the first wife of Hercules. He afterward in madness killed his children by her.

Who was herculean in Greek mythology?

Comes from Hercules. Hercules was a greek who killed his wife and children so had to take upon 12 tasks called the labours of hercules.

What are the children Zeus and Hera bore?

Hercules is one.

What were the names of Hercules and Hebe's children?

Alexiares and Anticetus

Why did Hercules perform the twelve labors?

Hercules was tricked into murdering his wife and children, and the twelve labors were his atonement for their killings.

What is the most famous myth of Hercules?

The most famous myth is the twelve labors of Hercules to atone for the murder of his wife and children.

How babies did Hercules have with his 2 wives?

Where Hercules is credited with two wives they most likely are Megara, where his children by her areTherimachusCreontiadesOphitusDeicoonHis children by Deianira are:HyllusCtesippusGlenusOneitesMacariaNote that Hercules had many other children not listed here, in affairs with women he never married.

Did the lernean hydra have children?

None are mentioned in the story of Hercules.

Who were the children of hera and zeus?

One was Hercules. But he became human...

What is Hades' song in Disney's Hercules?

Hades does not sing any songs in Hercules.

What happens to Hercules when Hera sends madness to possess him?

Hercules murders his family. Then, afterward, realizing in horror at what he did, he was prompted to undertake the '12 Labors'.Hercules kills his children and his wife, Megara.

What did hera do to Hercules?

She inflicted him with a madness and caused him to kill his wife and children. He then repented by performing the 12 labors of Hercules. Then got r****.

Does Hercules murder his wife?

Yes, Hercules killed his first wife, Megara, and their children when he was influenced by a fit of madness sent by Hera.