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Did Hitler's foreign policy lead to the outbreak of world war 2?



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Not only did it lead to the outbreak of WWII, it was designed to do just that. Hitler wanted war. It was the justification, the ends to the means of Germany's revenge. He also realized that war was the only way for him to force his views upon Europe. The scary thing is Hitler made a quote before the outbreak of the war. Paraphrasing it, it went something like this "the winner of the coming conflict will be the side that commits the fewest mistakes" However, it must be remembered that the foreign policy Hitler was merely one of many factors. The policy of appeasement followed by Britain, revanche by France, isolation by America...all these foreign policies gave Hitler the opportunity to form an expansionist and aggressive foreign policy. This is not to mention Mussolini's imperialist tendencies in Africa, the Meditteranean and the Balkans. Or Stalin's policies which allowed Hitler to secure a pact over the partitioning of the East. When we factor in the economy, the failures of the League of Nations, the fear of Communism and much more - we can see that far from being the only reason, Hitler's foreign policy was primarily just taking advantage of other factors in order to ameliorate Germany's international and European standing.