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Did Hitler dislike gay people?

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Yes, Hitler disliked gay people, and put them into the same sub-human category that he put Jews into.

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Why do people dislike gay people?

People dislike gay people because they are different. It's a simple matter of prejudice.

Why gay men dislike lesbians?

Gay men do not dislike lesbians.

Why do strait people dislike gay people?

Firstly it is not true that all straight people dislike homosexuals. To have gotten that impression you are mixing with the wrong people.

Do Episcopalians dislike gay people?

Some do, but most don't.

Why Hitler dislike Jews?

he actually not dislike Jews he used them spawn

What job Hitler had before he took over the country?

Hitler first was in world war 1 that is how he started to dislike Jewish people

Was Hitler gay with himm ler?

No, Hitler was gay with her limm.

Why Hitler dislike deaf people?

Because they weren't in his vision of the "perfect person" They had an error in their body.

Was Hitler a gay Jew?

No, Hitler was neither Jewish nor gay.

Is it true adolf Hitler was gay?

people say that Hitler killed gays but really he took them in for himself

Who was aganst gay people?

A lot of people like Hitler who ordered to exterminate not merely Jewish community but Romany and Gay as well.

Why do police dislike gay people?

As a general statement, the question is incorrect and is drawing a stereotype (i.e.: a wide general conclusion not based in fact). Police officers dislike Gays in no greater proportion than that of the general population.

How did Hitler keep power?

the people was afraid that all the people who ever dissobayed his will get killed............. lol Muslims are da best Hitler is gay

Why did hitler only kill jews?

that is not true he killed black people, people with disability's gay peope and people who didn't like Hitler as well as the Jews.

Did The Jews do something to Hitler that made him hate them very much?

The Jewish people themselves did not do anything to Adolf Hitler to cause his strong dislike of them. Hitler believed that the Jews were subhuman and a plague on the economy.

Did Winston Churchill dislike Hitler?

Winston Churchill never met Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler Gay or bi?

Hitler was straight.

What did Hitler do with gay people?

Same thing he did with the Jews. Sent them to the Death Camps

Why did Hitler hate Jews Gypsies and gay people?

He saw them as imperfect and subhuman.

Who did Hitler dislike?

Hitler didn't like the Jews mostly, but he didn't like anyone who wasn't of "the perfect race" like gypsies, homosexuals, and people who got in his way.

Why did so many people dislike Hitler?

maybe it was because he killed 6 million Jews who never did anything to hurt him...

Why are gay and lesbian people bullied?

their not always bullied its just because people see them as being different and not the same as them when they are and i dont get why people dislike gay or lesbian people we are all the same and we are all different they just need to except it

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