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Well, Himmler was Hitler's right-hand man, but mostly Hitler was the brains of the operations so the plan of the executions of the Jews was Hitler's ideas and plans. Himmler just put in charge and carried out the Final Solution for him. * In view of the scale of the Holocaust, its duration and number of German SS men involved, one can safely assume that it was ordered by Hitler. In their diaries both Goebbels and Goering recorded lengthy discussions with Hitler about the Final Solution * Hitler's obsessive antisemitic raving and ranting created the political climate that made the Holocaust possible, perhaps almost inevitable. Please also see the related question.

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Q: Did Hitler know about the extermination of Jews when it first began or did Himmler take it upon himself to begin killing the Jews?
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Why weren't Hitler and Himmler brought to trial and convicted?

because Hitler shot himself or was shot it is desputable before he could be captured and himmler was captured by the british but killed himself when he swallowed cyenide in prison before he could go on trial.

What man was in charge of the Nazi death camps in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler. _____ The Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps were run by the SS, which was headed by Himmler.

Were Hitler and Himmler related?

No they were not.

Did Hitler kill lots of blacks?

blacks were to targeted, however Hitler did not kill anyone himself, the purification and the final solution was the doing of Heinrich Himmler

Why did Hitler bite into a cyanide capsule?

Adolf Hitler shot himself. It was Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring who committed suicide by biting on cyanide capsules.

How do we know the extermination of the Jews by Hitler was supposed to remain top secret information?

We know that because no written orders were recorded, in fact the closest we have to a written order for the extermination of the Jews did not come from Hitler himself, but from Goering.

Where did Hitler send the Jews?

From 1939 on the Nazi regime sent the Jews to ghettos, and then, starting in 1941 to killing fields and/or to extermination camps.

How was heinrich Himmler captures?

No one captured Himmler, he commited Suicide along with Hitler.

How hittler die?

Adolf Hitler committed suicide

What is the name of the person who helped Hitler in killing Jews?

There were hundreds of people who helped Hitler in killing the Jews, from party officials to the people working in the concentration and extermination camps, so it would be too many to name them all, and practically impossible.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nuit et brouillard - 1955?

The cast of Nuit et brouillard - 1955 includes: Michel Bouquet as Narrator Reinhard Heydrich as Himself - Behind Hitler Heinrich Himmler as Himself - with Hitler Adolf Hitler as Himself - Views Parade Julius Streicher as Himself - Makes Speech

When Hitler dreamed of the tall strong blond people what did he call them?

They were called Aryans. These people were supposed to ... as slender as Goering, as tall as Himmler, as chaste as Goebbels and as blond as Hitler himself!

Was Hitler the planner of the Holocaust?

No that was Heinrich Himmler

Did Hitler start killing Jews because a Jew shot a German officer?

No, Hitler was fundamentally antisemitic in belief and outlook and planned the total extermination (genocide) of the Jewish race form the start.

Why did they have extermination camps?

They were set up because by this way Hitler segregated the Jews and the other undesirables and kill them. some famous killing centres were Auschwitz.

How many execution camps did Hitler have?

Hitler had 6 extermination camps.

Is it true that Hitler killed himself because he found out that he was a jew and found out he was killing his own kind?

No, Hitler was not a Jew and he killed himself because Germany was losing the war.

Who were implementers of the final solution?

Hitler and heinrich Himmler

Who were key leaders of Auschwitz?

Himmler and obviously Hitler.

Other names for the Holocaust?

Genocide-Mass slaughter of a group of people, minority or and enitire race. Manslaughter-Killing of 1 or more people, by the murderer (Hitler &Himmler).

Who was the German leader who was in charge of killing Jews?

The persecution of Jews was all down to Adolf Hitler. Heinrich Himmler was the German SS officer that ran the concentration camps

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Waffen-SS - 1995?

The cast of Die Waffen-SS - 1995 includes: Heinrich Himmler as himself Adolf Hitler as himself

Is Adolph Hitler still killing today?

No, he gave himself his own final solution.

Why should you remmeber heinrick himmler?

He was a very odd man who thought that all animals had the right to live but orchestrated the extermination of millions of "subhumans". He believed what he did was for the greater good of Germany just like Hitler but turned his back on Hitler and tried to negotiate a peace with the western allies.

What was the worst thing hittler did to Jews?

He sent them to extermination camps where they were immediately gassed upon arrival. Just killing millions of them was the worst thing Hitler did to the Jews.