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yes lyman made them for Sears

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Where can you get an old style breech bolt for a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 42 rifle if Numrich does not have any?

j c Higgins model 41 was made by marlin try looking for parts for a Marlin 80 it is the same gun

Best sight for a paintball gun?

AIM B Style Red Dot Gun Sight-wrong your barrel

Info. on mossberg rim fire rifle 50?

Never heard of a model 50, model 51 yes, but, no model 50. There is a model 50. It is a like the 51 but without the mannlicher stock. It was also made for Wards Western Field as the model 04m-489a The 51 has an S100 receiver peep sight as does the 51m (full Mannlicher style stock). The rear sight on the model 50 has the barrel mounted one adjustable for windage and elevation. Check out:

What is Missy Higgins' style in her music?

i would say Missy Higgin's particular style includes a mix of pop, Indie, folk and acoustic. hope this helps.

Sears BB Gun model 799.19051 year made?

This appears to be a 1894 Winchester style rifle made by Daisy. All 799.xxxx JC Higgins were made for sears by Daisy air rifle. Crosman made all 126.xxxx rifles for Sears under the JC Higgins name. Your particular rifle was made between 1952 & 1955

What does the model of a car refer to?

the style of the car

What are the release dates for New Love American Style - 1985 Love at First Sight Love and the Judge?

New Love American Style - 1985 Love at First Sight Love and the Judge was released on: USA: 9 January 1986

What are learning styles in human resource development?

1. David Kolb's Learning Style Model 2. Honey & Mondal Learning Style Model

Can you put sights on a Picatinny Rail?

Yes, as long as your sight you put on it are made for that rail style.

How do you tell if a marlin model 60 is an old or new style?

Some of the distinguishing markers to look for in a Marlin model 60 are whether the ejector is casted into the feedthroat and the firing pin style. By identifying these parts you can determine if the gun is an old style or a new style.

When was OF Mossberg and Sons Inc model B26M made?

You have the rare version of the model 26,as it has the mannlicher-style stock.The Mossberg model B26M(M is for Mannlicher style stock) was made in the year 1938 only.

What was the style of Dan Marino's facemask?

Model - JOP

Were early model pt cruisers larger than 2010 model?

No. The body style never changed.

Super model with gap in front teeth?

Lauren Hutton Its in the new modeling style...But it depends where you model at....

What is your Herschede Grandfather clock mission-style model worth?

What is a HERSCHEDE MODEL 525 worth

Where can you find a new bolt for a Glenfield Model 25?

There is an old style and a new style. Which do you need?

What style front sight was on an original S Hawken rifle?

Blade type mounted on a dovetail cut in the barrel

How do you tell whether your older Rossi 38 5 shot revolver is a model 31 38 68 or other model since there is no visible model number behind the cylinder crane on the frame?

Rossi model number 31 had a 4" barrel and was discontinued in 1985. Model 68 came with a 2 or a 3" barrel. There is no model 38 Rossi. Model 88 and 88/2 only came in stainless steel finish. They also had a 2 or 3" barrel. Rossi did make the "Rossi Double Action Revolver" which has no model number. It was 5 round in the 38 special caliber, came with 3 or 6" barrel, adjustable rear sight, fixed ramp style front sight, blued or nickel finish, wood or plastic grips, and was produced from 1965 to 1991. Since you are not able to find the model number, it is very likely this is the gun you have.

How much would a 1941 jc Higgins baseball glove worth?

1941 JC Higgins baseball gloveThe bulk of the value on a collectible baseball glove relies on the player endorsement. Without a player's name on it the value will rely on vintage baseball glove features such as the style of the web or if it is from 1941 a spit finger (no laces between the fingers) but if the glove is a common model it will have a low collectors value. Condition is a major factor as well.

Who is the actor from the Lexus first sight commercial he was also in the gillette proglide style commercial with kate upton?

Thomas Beaudoin

What are the release dates for Model Latina - 2008 Wild Style 5-10?

Model Latina - 2008 Wild Style 5-10 was released on: USA: 23 July 2012

What is the value of a Stevens savage model 87T?

Depends on condition, of course, but you're not talking anything highly valuable. The standard sight model would fetch ~$150 while the more rare aperture sight model would go for maybe a hundred bucks more. There's not really a big market for the gun and over a million of them were produced, so if I were you I'd just hang on to it. Mine makes a pretty nice plinker, and I like the unique auto-cocker style of semi-auto action (the bolt hangs back until you release the trigger).

What is the value of a 1951 30-30 Winchester Model 94 with a peep-sight side-mounted adjustable rear sight shotgun-style buttplate and round barrel?

WP64-51* WINCHESTER MODEL 94 (PRE-64), 30-30 CAL., Mfg. in 1951. 80% to 90% original blue, stock nicely refinished, bore excellent, NRA antique grading fine plus. Please Click on Image to View Larger. $895.00

What is the difference between glenfield model 60 Old style and model 60 new style?

The "New Model" 60 has a bolt hold-open lever that extends through the trigger guard. The bolt, bolt hold-open parts, trigger guard, and stock are different.

How do you get a manual for the Sunbeam-Oster Bread maker Model 4811 Style BB-100?

how do i find the model # one an older model food processor