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The night of the "incident", Jackson Browne called the police because of Daryl Hannah's actions. When they arrived, there was no evidence of any abuse and DH never made those accusations. Why would JB call the police if he was beating DH? This is documented FACT. Also, DH has since recanted her accusations. JB is a highly respected singer/songwriter and it annoys me to no end to see people passing on tabloid gossip as the truth. This is a man's reputation we're talking about. So no, Jackson Browne did not beat Daryl Hannah. Any "evidence" to the contrary (bruises on DH) somehow appeared AFTER the incident, after the police arrived and dealt with whatever had been going on between the two of them. - search references to Daryl Hannah

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While Jackson Browne is a wonderfully talented musician and songwriter, he has a

history of being physically abusive toward just about any woman he has ever been

involved with. Yes, he was abusive toward Daryl Hannah.

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People like people cover

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Q: Did Jackson Browne really beat up Daryl Hannah?
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