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Q: Did Jaden Smith kiss a girl in his house?
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Did jaden smith want to kiss a girl?

yes;) he will like to kiss me

Who did Jaden Smith kiss?

Jaden Smith in the movie kissed a Chinese girl that he met on the first day he came to china

In Karate Kid does Jaden Smith kiss a girl?

yes he did kiss the girl from china

Did Jaden Smith ever kiss a girl?

yes,but in the movie

Did jaden smith kiss a girl before karate kid?


Does Jaden Smith kiss his girlfriend?

yeaah a girl named destiny polite

Did china anne kiss Jaden Smith?

no but jaden smith kissed rajaawilliams

Does jaden smith kiss a honduan girl before?

No he does not he is dating for 5 months carty they kissed

Did jaden smith kiss a girl before?

well he is 11 and in his movie karate kid he did so yes

Did jaden smith and skai Jackson kiss?

they did

Did china mcclain kiss jaden smith?

No, no and no

What type of kiss does Jaden Smith do?

ana mohamade

Did jaden smith kiss skai Jackson?

Yes they have

Who was Jaden Smith's first kiss?

It was Kamari Wyrick..

How do you kiss Jaden Smith?

Try using your lips.

Did jaden smith kiss Madison pettison?

They were never going out!

Has jaden smith kissed anyone on the lipsed?

I dont think jaden Smith will kiss anyone on the lips in public because he has a girlfriend which is Madison Pettis.

Who is jaden first kiss by?

the girl in his moive

Have Jaden Smith ever kiss Willow Smith?

yes he kissed her on the check but not on the lips or anything

Did Willow Smith and Jaden smith kiss before even know they are brother and sister?


Has Jaden Smith kiss a girl?

yes because he had a kissing scene in the movie: the karate kid.and in an interview he said yes tht was my first on scene kiss

Who is Jaden Smith girl friend?

Jaden Smith girl friend is Shanell parsons well they are not quet boy friend and girl friends because they are getting married so they are husband and wife they call each other after summer camp everday shanell parsons go to I.S.8 summer camp everyday when they get out of summer camp they call and says I love you baby I love you so much that i dream of you bye and love you kiss kiss kiss never forgeting

Will jaden smith kiss a 10 year old?

yh probally

Did jaden smith ever kiss Ellen?

No He Didn't. Why would he? She did it to him like a greetings kiss on the cheek. No biggie(:

Would jaden smith date a 9 year old girl?

I hope so and I hope he will come down to Scotland and date me and kiss me lots I love him