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Q: Did James Buchanan make any laws?
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Did James Buchanan pass any laws?

Presidents can never pass laws. Buchanan helped pass some laws when he was in the House and the senate.

Who is James Buchanan?

Buchanan did not have any grandchildren-- he did not even have any children.

Who is James Buchanan's grandson?

Buchanan did not have any grandchildren-- he did not even have any children.

Who did James Buchanan lose to in 1852?

James Buchanan did not run in any elections between 1842 and 1856.

Did James Buchanan have any children?

No. Buchanan was never married and there is no record that he fathered any children.

Did any president have no first lady?

James Buchanan

Did president James Buchanan pass any laws during his presidency?

yes but no he helped pass a law of selling choclate for camp keep

Are any US presidents from pennyselvaina?

just James Buchanan

Was there ever any single presidents?

James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland!

Did James Buchanan have any hobbies?

James Buchanan was known to enjoy walking around Washington, DC to pass the time. He was not known, however, to have any specific hobbies. He was the only president that was never married.

Does James Buchanan have any siblings?

yes he has 2 isabel carrington and john dayle

Who assassinated James Buchanan?

Nobody- he was not assassinated. I do not even know of any attempts on his life.

What if any is the relationship between Victor Buchanan born 1762 in Lancaster County PA and James Buchanan Jr president?

It's possible that Victor could have been President Buchanan's uncle.

Who are President James Buchanan's father's siblings?

James' father was born in Ireland. Little is known about his brothers and sisters, if he had any.

What are some of James Buchanan hardships?

he didn't have any hardships because he never go married

Was there any Presidents elected from Philadelphia?

James Buchanan was the only president from Pennsylvania, His home was in Lancaster.

Were there ever any unmarried us presidents?

Yes. James Buchanan was the only U.S. President who never married.

Is there any existing documentation of the will of James Buchanan?

I am not sure I understand your question. Buchanan left a will that disposed of his estate and was legally executed . I would assume that a copy is still on file somewhere, but I am not certain of that.

Any fact about president Buchanan?

Buchanan served in the war of 1812

Has any secretary of state ever become president?

Six have: Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Monroe John Quincy Adams Martin Van Buren James Buchanan

What laws did Edmund barton make?

It appears he didn't make ANY NEW LAWS

What laws did Queen Victoria pass?

she did not make any laws she didnt have the power ofthe law so she didn't make any

Do all presidents of the US had daughter?

yes No. George Washington and James Buchanan were two US Presidents who never had any children.

What president was a virgin?

If any U. S. president was indeed a virgin, it would have been the one who never married, James Buchanan.

Can state government make any laws?

Yes, state governments can make laws as long as they don't overrule any Federal Laws or create laws were the power has been reserved for the Federal Government.

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