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Did James Cook have grandchildren?

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no - all his children went childless

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What were james cooks childrens names?

Yes, James Cook did have children. Their names were James Cook, Nathaniel Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Joseph Cook, George Cook, and Hugh Cook.

What is an fact about James Cook?

James Cook was born in yorkshire. See related links.

What was James Cook named after?

after his father James Cook

Who did James Cook encounter?

Who did James Cook encounter?

Does James cook James cook have a middle name?

no he did not

Who is James Cook Senior?

James Cook Senior is James Cook's father

When did Elizabeth Cook and James Cook get married?

James Cook married Elizabeth Cook (nee Batts) in 1762.

How tall was James Cook?

James Cook was 1.84m exactly

Why Captain James Cook?

because he is Captian James Cook

Whose James Cook dad?

his dad is James Cook I

Did James Cook Have a Diary?

yes, James cook did have a diary

What kind of ships did James Cook have?

James Cook had an Endeavour

Who did James Cook marry and when?

James Cook married an Elizabeth Batts.

What country did James Cook represent?

James Cook represented England.

What is James Cook fathers name?

His name was also James Cook

Was there a cook in James?

Yes, James Cook, a famous English explorer

What country was Captain James Cook from?

Captain James Cook was from England.

James Cook explored where in North America?

when did James cook voig

What country did James Cook represented?

James Cook represented England.

Famous explorers in Hawaii except James cook?

James Cook

Why was James cook murdered?

why was james cook murdered in hawaii in his expeditions

What language did James Cook speak?

James Cook spoke English.

Is there another James Cook?

There are many people called James Cook.

Why did captain James Cook sail?

Why and where did Captain James Cook sail.

Did James Cook discover the Cook Islands?

No. While the Cook Islands are named after him, James Cook did not discover them, merely visiting them in 1773.