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Harry Chapin did the original, but Yes, Taylor covered it.

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Did cat Stevens ever sing cats in the cradle?


Does Kid Rock sing Cats in the Cradle?'s_in_the_Cradle

Did cat Stevens sing cats and the cradle?

cat stevens did sing it. It is a 1974 folk rock song originally by Harry Chapin.

What voice type is James Taylor?

In a male vocal ensemble, James Taylor would most likely sing tenor 1.

Did guns and roses sing cats in the cradle?

No, the version you are most likely thinking of is by Ugly Kid Joe. :) Harry Chapin made the song

What artists sing the song Shower the People You Love With Love?

James Taylor

Why did James Taylor join Taylor Swift on her Speak Now tour last year?

James Taylor was only at the one on November 22, 2011. I was there... he was there because she usually has guests to sing with her and she was named after him.

Didn Harry Chapin sing Piano Man?

No. Harry Chapin sang, among others, "Cats in the cradle". Billy Joel sang "Piano Man".

Did Justin sing a song to Taylor Swift?

yes he did sing a song to Taylor swift.

Does James Taylor sing the McDonalds happy meal song?

its Justin Roberts Apple tree

Why did James Taylor start singing?

He liked you and decided the only way to get you in bed was to sing, so he did

Did cat Stevens sing cat's in the cradle?

because.................... something

Does Taylor Swift sing Teardrops On My Guitar?

yes. Taylor swift does sing teardrops on my guitar.

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none, taylor lautner doesnt sing like at all

What type of music does Taylor Lautner sing?

Taylor lautner doesn't sing any music

Did cat stevens sing Cats in the cradle?

The song Cat's in the Cradle was written by Harry Chapin and his wife Sandy Chapin. Harry Chapin is also the performer of the song. Cat Stevens never recorded the song, although whether or not he may have covered the song live or otherwise is unclear.

Do cats sing?

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Yeah, she sing it ;DD

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