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Q: Did Jane Austen leave Lefroy when she found out he was responsible for his family?
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Why didn't Jane Austen marry?

AnswerBecause she would not marry without affection, and when she found love with a Mr. Tom LeFroy, she did not want to be in the way of his family. He was as poor as she was, and she felt guilty for taking more money from LeFroy and therefore taking money away from his family who depended on him. Of course it was all in vain, since LeFroy ended up becoming rich within his law practice, and Jane became wealthy with her writing. Sad, yes; but who knows if she would have written the same genius if she were married.AnswerJane Austen's relationship with Tom Lefroy is speculated about, but appears to have consisted of their having met five times, four at balls and once when Lefroy visited her briefly at her home. Unquestionably, they were very much attracted to each other, as both wrote about this. Also, unquestionably, they could not have been considered a great match for each other because of their lack of income. There was a man named Harris Bigg-Wither, who proposed marriage to Jane Austen in 1802. He was very wealthy, having an income of about 12,000 pounds per annum - more than Darcy had. She accepted this proposal, but after thinking about it overnight, broke off the engagement. This may have been because she did not have much affection for him, but any comments she may have made about it have been lost.There are related links to Wikipedia articles below.

What novel did Jane Austen dedicate to the Prince of Wales?

Jane Austen dedicated the novel Emma to the Prince of Wales, but not by choice. It was requested by the Prince himself that the dedication be made. Jane Austen thought the Prince to be a dirty adulterer and this can be found in many letters she wrote to friends and family.

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Who helped Jane Austen to become a wounderful writer?

Clearly there were a number of people who helped Jane Austen become the great writer she was. Many of these were in her family. She was closest to her sister, Cassandra, who doubtless reviewed much or most of what she wrote. She got encouragement from parents and other siblings. She was promoted by her brothers to a large degree, and they found and dealt with her publishers.

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