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Did Jeff hardy date trish stratus?

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No he didn't Actualy date her he is an a Relationship with Beth Britt and has been in that relationship for 10 years

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Jeff hardy and trish stratus?

Trish and Jeff did date at one point. But not anymore.

Who did Jeff hardy date in 2006?

Trish Stratus!!!!!!!!!!! I think....I bet though! :P

What year did Jeff hardy date trish and maria?

Jeff Dated Trish Stratus During the Extreme Team Era. And There Was No Storyline of Maria and Jeff Dating. And if You Think Jeff dated Either Trish or Maria. your Wrong its All Fake and A Storyline. Because Jeff has Dated Beth Britt For About 11 Years And They Are Now Married. And Trish is Married To her high School Sweetheart Ron. And Has For Maria Shes single.

Did trish stratus and john cena date?


Did Jeff Hardy ever date any WWE divas?

Yes! Storyline: Trish Stratus (in and out of storyline) Maria Kanellis (Never became a real relationship), Lita (in and out of storyline) Only divas he actually dated for real was: Lita, Kelly and Trish. He is currently married to Beth Britt.

Have WWE edge and trish stratus ever date?


Did john cena and trish stratus date in the past?


Did Jeff Hadry date Trish Stratus?

Yes for almost 4 weeks> July 31, 2008 No they have never dated in real life it was a storyline only

Did Jeff Hardy date Lita?

No Jeff Hardy never dated Lita.

Did trish stratus date rey mysterio?

no trish stratus did not date rey mysteriol. rey was only married at the age of 16 or 17 with his wife angie. he still lives in san Diego with his wife and 2 children but trish never dated reyAnswerno trish stratus did not date rey mysteriol. rey was only married at the age of 16 or 17 with his wife angie. he still lives in san Diego with his wife and 2 children but trish never dated rey

Did john cena date trish stratus?

no Trish is married to her high school sweetheart Ron and has been for several years now

Does Jeff Hardy date anyone?

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What date is Jeff hardy going to get out of jail?

As of today, December 1, 2009 Jeff Hardy is not in jail

Did Candice date Jeff hardy?

bi*** hes marryed to her and has a kidps he dump that bethIf Jeff Hardy did date Candice Michelle it was a storyline. Jeff Hardy has been dating Beth Britt since 1999.

Did batista and trish stratus date?

Yes they did because they have pics together. They make a good couple!

Who does Jeff Hardy date?

Jeff Hardy isn't with his girlfriend Beth Britt anymore, they broke up last year.

Did Jeff hardy ever date lita?

No! Jeff never dated Lita!.

Did Triple H and trish date?

No. He is married to Stephanie McMahon. they got married on valentine's day 2003. And Trish Stratus is married to her high school sweetheart.

Did chris Jericho and trish stratus date?

Only in Wrestling. Chris was married at the time to Jessica Lockhart, and still is. The thing between him and Trish was a storyline for the WWE.

DId Jeff Hardy date Maria?

no they are just friends!!!!

What date was Jeff Hardy suspended?

Jeff Hardy was suspended on Sunday May 15th 2005 for no-showing the Hard Justice PPV

What is the date Jeff hardy is coming back?

Jan i think Extreme wrestler Jeff Hardy came back to TNA at January 2010.

When will Jeff hardy marry his girlfriend?

When ever they set the date

How long did Jeff and Maria date?

Jeff has never dated maria Jeff hardy and maria are dating now!!!!!!!

Did Jeff hardy and lita ever date?

I heard that she didn't but i think Jeff Hardy and Lita should've dated. NO they never dated! Lita dated Matt not Jeff! Jeff has been with Beth for 14 years.