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Did Jesus ever return to Bethlehem after his birth?

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The Gospel of Luke says that Mary, Joseph and Jesus went from

Bethlehem to Jerusalem a few days after Jesus' birth to present him

at the Temple, then returned to their home in Nazareth in Galilee.

The family travelled to Jerusalem every year for the Passover, at

least until Jesus was twelve years old, but had no reason to go to

Bethlehem and is not reported as having done so.

The Gospel of Matthew says that Mary, Joseph and Jesus fled from

Bethlehem to Egypt for fear of King Herod, who wished to have Jesus

killed. They remained in Egypt, probably for several years, until

the death of Herod. They then began the return journey to their

home in Bethlehem but, being warned in a dream, turned aside and

travelled to Nazareth in Galilee instead. Once in Galilee, they

would have feared to travel to Judea. In this account, the young

family would certainly not have returned to Bethlehem.

The gospels all seem to provide a full account of the later

mission of Jesus, with no record of his ever returning to


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