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Q: Did Joan of Arc have friends living in England?
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Who was responsible for capturing Joan of Arc?

Burgundians who were French who remained loyal to England captured Joan of Arc.

Who did Joan of Arc like?

Joan had no romantic adventures. She had no boy friends.

What did Joan of Arc's mother do for a living?

She was a housewife.

Are there any living relatives of Joan of Arc?

The answer is yes. Joan of Arc does have living relatives. Through my ancestry and others by Jacques Jacquemin D Arc,whose mother was Isabelle Romee De Voutron, who was the mother of Jeanne Sybille D Arc, aka Joan of Arc, she does have living relatives.

Did Joan of Arc like someone?

Joan had a number of friends but was not romantically involved.

On what side did Joan of Arc fight - England or France?

Joan fought with the French against the British.

Why is Saint Joan of Arc called Joan of Arc?

Please see the related link Saint Joan of arc was called Joan of arc because arc was her surname was arc. Saint Joan was called Joan of Arc because her name was Jehanne D'arc which is french and translates to Joan of Arc. and it is joan of arc because surname was arc because it is

What was Joan of Arc's goal?

Joan of Arc's main goal was to free her people from the English and return the monarchy of France to the save the french from the domination of England

Was Joan of Arc a tart?

No, Joan of Arc was not a 'tart.'

Who was the peasant girl who fought agains England with the french troops?

Joan of Arc .

What was the name of the war involving Joan of Arc?

Joan fought in the Hundred Years War between France and England.

Is there a special day named after Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc Day (the feast of Joan of Arc) is on May 30.

Who was Joan of Arc married to?

Joan of Arc was never married.

What hobby did Joan of Arc had?

joan of arc liked to fight

What was Joan of Arc's nationality?

Joan of Arc was French. She was from France.

Was Joan of Arc decapitated?

No, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

What were the beliefs of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc was a devout Catholic.

Who spoke to Joan of Arc and what did the voices tell her to do?

most books you read say that the angel Gabriel spoke to Joan of arc telling her to ask the pope for an army to conquer England.

Why was Joan of Arc important to the Middle Ages?

because she ran battle against England

Was Joan of Arc a girl or boy?

Joan of Arc was definitely a girl.

What were the religious beliefs of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc was a devout Catholic.

What did they call Joan of Arc?

Maid of Orleans Joan of arc the savior

Did Joan of Arc love girls?

No, Joan of Arc was not a lesbian if that is what you are asking.

Did Joan of Arc have any babies?

No. Joan of Arc died a virgin.

Why do some people spell Joan of Ark Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc is the correct spelling, not Joan of Ark.