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No, but his big brother Kevin Jonas got married to a girl named Danielle. Hope i helped

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Does Joe Jonas married already?

Joe Jonas is not married.

Is 'Joe Jonas' married?

No, Joe Jonas is not married.

Are Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas married?

No, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are not married.

Is Demi Lovato married to Joe Jonas?

No, Demi Lovato is not married to Joe Jonas.

Jonas Brothers married?

Kevin Jonas is married. Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are not.

Is joe from Jonas brothers married?

Joe Jonas is NOT married yet,Kevin Jonas is.This was answered in 2011 it might not be right,

Who is Joe Jonas Marrid too?

Joe Jonas is not married yet.

Joe Jonas like in a girl?

Joe Jonas is married to Sophie Turner.

Is Joe Jonas getting married or is that Kevin Jonas?

Kevin Jonas is already married, joe Jonas?? idk lol!! but he n Taylor swift are friends again.. i don't think joe Jonas is dating anybody :)

Chance of marring Joe Jonas?

joe is married

What is Joe Jonas Maiden Name?

joes maiden name is joe Jonas he is not married

Who is Joe Jonas married to?

he is married to jessie kistner

Who is Joe Jonas out of the Jonas brothers married to?

joe jonas is getting married to julie frye her name can be heard sung b y the roots on jimmy fallons theme song julie frye joe if you search joe jonas getting married on youtube admitting it in alive chat

Are you married Joe Jonas?


When did Joe Jonas get married?

nope, Kevin Jonas did though!

Why is Joe Jonas wearing a wedding band?

Joe Jonas was engaged and got married in 2009

Is there romers of Joe Jonas being engaged?

yes joe jonas is engaged search joe jonas getting married on youtube and youll see kevin congradulating joe on getting married and setting a date and saying were meant to be

Joe Jonas married?

Yes, he is married to Sophie Turner.

Are the Jonas Brothers married?

Hi I am the Jonas cousin.(Victoria Jonas) Kevin is married but Joe and Nick are not but Joe and Demi are now dating and Nick might get back with Selena

Is Joe Jonas mairred?

Of course he is not married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who did Joe Jonas marry?

hes not married.

Does the Jonas brothers get married?

Kevin is married to Danielle but Joe and Nick are not married.

Is Joe Jonas going to get married?

No , but he's brother Kevin is going to get married with Danielle Deleasa I think they are such a beautiful couple well Joe Jonas is single.

Who is gooder for the bed joe or Nick Jonas?

nick and joe, they're married!

Are Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas married?

no they arent