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Did John Lennon play the ukulele?

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September 23, 2010 1:12AM

He did play, his mom, Julia, taught him before he started playing the guitar.

But if you remember that George Harrison (and Paul) were huge fans of ukuleles then then how could he have NOT played the ukulele?

Lennon was even recorded playing the ukulele, in the song from the Yellow Submarine Soundtrack "All Together Now"

George Harrison would later recall in a November 1980 interview the impression Swami Bhaktivedanta's album, Krishna Consciousness, made on them. "I remember singing it [the Hare Krishna mantra]. just for days, John and I, with ukulele banjos, sailing through the Greek islands--Hare Krishna. Like six hours we sang, because you couldn't stop once you got going. You just couldn't stop. It was like as soon as you stop, it was like the lights went out."