Did John Wayne really ride horses?

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Yes, John Wayne ( the Actor known for his Westerns and War movies ) started out as a stunt rider in the late 1920s through early to mid 1930s.
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Did john Wayne have a horse riding accident?

Yes. The most serious riding accident John Wayne has was in 1969 during the filming of The Undefeated. He fell from his horse and fractured three ribs.

Where did John Wayne learn to ride?

I was told by a lady in Big Bear Ca. ( a small shop owner ) that she did. This was more than 30 years ago and even if she is still alive today I'm sure the shop is gone. Unfor

Did John Wayne ride the same horse in all his movies?

John Wayne had a film career that lasted more than 50 years. It would be impossible for him the use the same horse but his later movies he did use his own horse, a 16HH chestn

What Horse did John Wayne ride in McClintock?

John Wayne rode a liver chestnut colored quarter horse in the movieMcClintock. The name of the horse was Alamo and was also used inthe movie The Alamo.

What type of horse did John Wayne ride in most movies?

Earlier western films used American Saddlebreds, probably they were the most available. With the birth of the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) the Quarter Horse repla

What films did John Wayne ride Banner the horse in?

Banner, the dark bay with the narrow stripe on his face was said to be Wayne's favorite due to his docile nature. Wayne was no lover of horses but he did appreciate a well-tra
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What breed of horse did John Wayne ride?

Mr. Wayne had a series of horses that were his personally. The horse he owned until shortly before his death was a registered Quarter Horse named Dollar. When Wayne got the wo
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Did John Wayne whistle or hum while riding his horse?

If the script asked for it then he did. That would be the only time Wayne would have been riding since he didn't really care for horses and would not have spent his leisure ti
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Did John Wayne ride donkeys?

I think in Cahill:US Marshal Wayne was forced to ride a mule (donkey/horse cross) due to lack of a better mount. There may have been other movies where he rode a mule but I ca
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Did John Wayne enjoy riding horses?

Wayne was never very fond of horses, regardless they played a huge part in his career.
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How many different breeds of horse did John Wayne ride?

In his earlier movies many times he rode Saddlebred's, the horse of choice in the golden age of Hollywood. But in the 1940's the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) was