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Q: Did Joseph haydn have music lessons?
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Related questions

Where did Joseph Haydn learn his music?

Joseph Haydn learnt his music in school called St.Stephen Chothedral in Vienna to learn and study

How was haydn's music career?

Joseph Haydn was very famous during his lifetime.

What are Joseph Haydn's major accomplishments?


What composer was supported by Prince Esterhazy?

Prince Esterhazy had Gregor Joseph Werner work on church music and appointed Joseph Haydn in charge of the orchestra.

What Kind of music did Franz Joseph Haydn specialize in?


Did Joseph Haydn play any music?

Yes,yes he did!

What was Franz Joseph Haydn's style in music?

classical romantic

Did Haydn teach Beethoven music?

Haydn did not teach Beethoven how to play an instrument, but he did give Beethoven lessons in musical composition. Beethoven struggled with Haydn as a teacher, and the two did not really get along.

How old was haydn when stared to play classical music?

Joseph Haydn, a composer, was 6 years old when he began to play classical music. This was because his parents sent him to live with their relative, Frankh, in order for him to teach Haydn how to play music.

Did Joseph Haydn win awards?

Haydn did win the award "Doctorate of Music" from Oxford University on his first tour of London.

What is the birth name of Joseph Haydn?

Joseph Haydn's birth name is Haydn, Franz Joseph.

What songs did Franz Joseph Haydn write?

He wrote Classical Music

When did Joseph Haydn teach Beethoven music?

In Beethoven's early years.

What is the Haydnesque style of music?

Music composed in the style of Franz Joseph Haydn (classical-period composer).

Whose initilals were FJH a classical music composer?

Franz Joseph Haydn

How did Joseph haydn change music?

Haydn was a composer in 18th century. By his time, the main element of music was the counterpoint (it was Baroque period). He was one of the composers to develop the genres of symphony and string quartet.

What are other famous people who played classical music during that time?

Joseph haydn

What did franz Joseph haydn do?

He composed music. He was known as the "father of the symphony" in many respects.

Who established the basic organization of the string quartet and was beethoven's music teacher?

Joseph Haydn

What world events were happening at the time Joseph Haydn was composing music?

jesus was born

Did Joseph haydn have good health?

Joseph Haydn did NOT have good health.

What nicknames did Joseph Haydn go by?

Joseph Haydn went by Papa.

What type of music did Franz Joseph Haydn compose?

Haydn is best known for his more than 100 symphonies. He also wrote concertos, much chamber music, choral works, songs and operas.

What was Joseph Haydn's full name?

Franz Joseph Haydn son of Matthias Haydn and Anna Maria Koller.

What happened to Joseph Haydn after he died?

he died, and was buried. But, his music lives on forever.