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yes he did in 1770

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Did Sir Joseph Priestley invent the eraser?

Yes He Did In 1770

Who invinted the eraser?

Joseph Priestley -

Did Joseph Priestley invent soda pop?


Who invented pink pearl eraser?

Who invented the pink pears Eraser? I think it was Joseph Priestley but I'm not sure.

What did Joseph Priestley invent?

Joseph Priesley was the first to create soda water.

What is length of standard eraser?

usually an eraser is quite small and if you are wanting to know who invented it I can tell you that it was definitely Joseph Priestley

What is Priestley ordination?

Joseph Priestley was unitarian.

When was Joseph Priestley born?

Joseph Priestley was born on March 13, 1733.

When was Joseph Priestley House created?

Joseph Priestley House was created in 1798.

When was Joseph Priestley College created?

Joseph Priestley College was created in 1955.

When did Joseph Priestley College end?

Joseph Priestley College ended in 2011.

What type of drink did Priestley invent?

Priestley invented soda water.

What were the names of Joseph Priestly's parents?

Joseph Priestley was born to Jonas and Mary Priestley.

Where is the Joseph Priestley House in Northumberland Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Joseph Priestley House is: 472 Priestley Avenue, Northumberland, PA 17857

What has the author Joseph Hubert Priestley written?

Joseph Hubert Priestley has written: 'An introduction to botany'

How did Joseph Priestley contribute to the atomic theory?

Joseph Priestley doesn't contribute to the atomic theory.

When did Joseph Priestley discover dinitrogen oxide?

The dinitrogen monoxide (N2O) was discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1772.

What is the web address of the Joseph Priestley House in Northumberland Pennsylvania?

The web address of the Joseph Priestley House is:

When did Joseph priestley die?

Joesph Priestley died on the 6 of February 1804

What did Joseph priestley do?

Hediscoveredmedical oxygen.

Where did Joseph Priestley live?

in england

Who discovered oxgen?

Joseph Priestley.

What is the phone number of the Joseph Priestley House in Northumberland Pennsylvania?

The phone number of the Joseph Priestley House is: 570-473-9474.

What has the author Joseph Priestley written?

Joseph Priestley has written: 'Sermons selected from Dr. Priestley's discourses on the evidences of revelation' 'Discourses on Various Subjects, Intended to Have Been Delivered in Philadelphia: To which are ..' 'Memoirs of the Rev. Dr. Joseph Priestley, to the Year 1795'

Who discovered modern chemistry?

joseph priestley

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