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Well Lady Gaga just started her born this way ball, and she performed that song i beleive first in Seoul, Korea.

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What is Lady Gaga new song?

lady gaga's new songs are "you and i " another one is "bloody mary " you and i is really good but bloody mary is more of a a song for a show called ghost whisper .

Is Mary Gilmore a girl?

Mary Gilmore is transexual, like Lady Gaga.

Was bloody Mary queen for 9 days?

no that was lady jane grey

Did bloody Mary kill her relatives?

Mary I did have her relative Lady Jane Grey executed, after an attempt was made to put her on the throne instead of Mary (Lady Jane was a Protestant, Mary was Catholic). However, she did not generally kill her relatives; the name Bloody Mary came about due to the large number of Protestants she had executed.

Which are the most famous ghosts?

The Bell Witch, Bloody Mary, The Brown Lady,

How do you perform the true Bloody Mary ritual?

Bloody Mary isn't real, she's just a story to scare lil kids. And she is just a figment of everyone who belives in her imagination

Who ruled enland after Lady Jane Grey?

Her grandmother, Mary Tudor, also known as Bloody Mary, ruled.

Who is Abraham Lincolin's wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln was his wife. ........or was it Lady Gaga =D

How bloody was Bloody Mary?

bloody Mary doesnt exist and she was really bloody in the movie

Where did the story of candyman come from?

it comes from bloody Mary it comes from bloody Mary it comes from bloody Mary

Was there a thired Bloody Mary?

No there was not a Bloody Mary the third

Did the Bloody Mary got it's name from Bloody Mary Tudor?

No, the cocktail "Bloody Mary" is named after "Queen Mary I of England".

Which queen was known as Bloody Mary?

Queen Mary was known as bloody Mary.

Where did bloody Mary live?

Bloody Mary lived in the mirror

Where is bloody Mary located?

Where is bloody Mary grave is located

Are you scared of bloody Mary?

No I am not scared of bloody Mary

Who was Bloody Mary?

England's Mary I, who authorised the burning at the stake of nearly 300 Protestants, as well as the execution of her predecessor Lady Jane Grey, "the nine days queen"See also the Associated Question about an American Bloody Mary myth.

Difference between bloody Mary and bloody Caesar?

Both a bloody Mary and bloody Caesar contain vodka. The difference is that a bloody Mary is made with tomato juice and a bloody Caesar is made with Clamato juice.

Who succeeded lady Jane grey?

The rightful heir, Mary Tudor, who became Mary I, and was known thereafter as Bloody Mary for her persecution of the Protestants, succeeded Queen Jane.

Does bloody Mary have love?

NO. Bloody Mary does not have love, legends tell of a woman with no soul and thus no love and her name was Bloody Mary.

How did bloody Mary earn the name bloody Mary?

Bloody Mary earned this title by burning over 300 protestants.

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