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Yes she did.

You can see that just type in pictures on Google: Lady Gaga before and after.

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To hurt Lady Gaga you poke her face

18,889,456 Hits Of Poker Face -Lady Gaga

lady gaga cried because they pocker face

Lady Gaga does not have any tattoos on her face.

Background vocals were done by Lady Gaga and RedOne

It was not poker face it was My name is Lady Gaga.

How do you make lady gaga cry? Poke her face (pokerface) How do you wake up lady gaga? Poke her face

Just Dance! Also see joke... How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poke her face (as in poke her face)

Lady GaGa second single Poker Face sold 10,708,000 World Wide!

Lady Gaga brought Pop Music back to life after it was shot in the face!

poker face poke her face lol

The Lady Gaga song "Poker Face" was composed by Lady Gaga and RedOne, a Moroccan-born Moroccan-Swedish producer.

They were fake. But she said that they come out when she's inspired.

No, her face is very smooth.

Lady Gaga did not changed her name. She took the name " Lady Gaga " from the Queen Song "Radio Gaga". Her real name is Stefania Gabriella Germanotta.

a sucky lady gaga song WRONG^ Lady gaga madee a great hit. ;)

lady gaga is the best pop music JOKE: how do you wake up lady gaga ? you POKE-(he)R-FACE what game can you beat lady gaga at ? the LOVE GAME why doesn't lady gaga have kids ? she has BAD ROMANCE

Lady Gaga changed her gender because she thinks that a boy is boring

Gaga. Not the lady gaga, but th eNPC with that weird look on his face.

fashion lady gaga is not known for fashion! well she is but to put it in more detail ..... "lady gaga is known for her crazy mixed-up outfits and her single POKER FACE

If you mean Lady Gaga, then it is the song "Poker Face".

No. Lady Gaga has not had a sex change. Those rumors are completely false. She is however, bisexual.

Lady Gaga is my opinion but any of you can change it though

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