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Did Langston Hughes write plays stories poems about black life?


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Yes, she did write plays, stories, and poems about black life.

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did Langston hughes write plays,stories and poetry about a black life

Langston Hughes, (James Mercer Langston Hughes, 1902-1967) was a columnist and writer of novels, short stories, and plays. His works were prominent in the "Harlem Renaissance" of the late 1920's.

Yes Hughes did write plays along withe poems, prose, short stories, novels, and jazzy poems.

Langston Hughes.............................................

their stories, poems, novels, and plays gave many black people a sense of their own beauty and worth

Langston Hughes wrote about many topics other than poetry. He wrote short stories, novels, and even a few plays. Some of his writings were about the racial conflicts between whites and blacks.

Langston Hughes wrote more than 35 books. He also wrote poetry, musicals, dramas and plays and was considered a literary giant.

Yes he did, for a year and 9 months.

He wrote 11 plays and 384 poems in his lifetime

Langston Hughes was a literary giant who wrote more than 35 books. He wrote poetry, musicals, drama and plays alone as well as in collaboration with others.

Langston Hughes is considered to be a prolific writer because he published quite a bit of writing. In his career as a writer he produced 16 volumes of poetry, 11 volumes of novels and short stories, 6 books of non-fiction, 12 plays, and 8 children's books. While this is much less than the output of some other writers such as Isaac Asimov, who was enormously prolific, still, it's a lot of writing.

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