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Did Libby Bacon Custer have any children by General George Armstrong Custer?

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In James Donovan's A Terrible Glory - (Custer and the Little

Bighorn) it states that Custer contracted gonorrhea before his

marriage to Elizabeth Bacon, also known as Libby. This most likely

explains why they had no children.


"Custer_children" id="Custer_children">Custer children

Elizabeth Custer never had any children although they wanted some.

One theory is that cavalry men such as General Custer, and other

men who rode often on horseback, suffered from sperm damage due to

the pounding on the testicles from excessive riding. Some of those

who hated Custer had told of a child that he had fathered, with a

young Cheyenne girl, in 1869.

Though, actually, one of my relatives supposedly lived with the

Custers for about 6 years. I have nothing to substantiate this,

however, except for the "family story". I am looking for something

to "say it is true" but have found nothing yet. It was, actually, a

half - sister to my grandmother. If anyone has any information

regarding this, please email me at Raysenhell123@aol.com. I sure

would appreciate it.



I was wondering if anyone ever heard of the Custers raising a

girl for about 6 years. I am trying to find out if a family story

about this is true, and if there was ever anything written about a

young girl staying with them, that would be great!!


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