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Did Lita's baby really die?

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she never really had a baby it was just a storyline

She was'nt pregnant, and it was bloody obvious she woudl get hit with a chair or something and "lose" the baby. Disgusiting angle.

Yes in the storyline but in really life she didn't have the baby at the first place. Seem like she used something that made her stomach got bigger

She was faking her pregnantcy. U can tell becoz her stomach never got bigger. and becoz wen Glen Jacobs(Kane) and Amy Dumas (Lita) got married, she choked Patricia Stratigues (Trish Stratus) and trish rolled over her like 3 x

She was never pregnant. It was all in a storyline that didn't go over to well. Plus Glen Jacobs (Kane) is married and has two kids. The whole Kane and Lita wedding was all fake and part of a storyline.

Mr. Hounderz

She was never preggerz!It's just a storyline.

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