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There were no "high schools" per se in Beethoven's time. Most children were home schooled or in later years studied at a conservatory or university.

Beethoven attended and elementary school that is unnamed. when he was old enough his father pulled him out so he could study music.

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What happend to Ludwing Van Beethoven in the last ten years of his life?

The answer is Ludvig Van Beethoven

He started to lose his hearing when he was around 30 years of age.

what characteristics of beethoven music Ludwing van Beethoven's music is slow in Fur Elise but in Moonlight Sonata though it is getting a fast beat but it has a low heavy tone and it really is slow.His moonlight sonata is strange because it goes high then low.Everybody knows that his symphonie or his pieces of art expressed his feelings wich is majestuious way to show feelungs.For exanmple Symphonie N°5 it really show us his feelings by going up then low really fast. For more info. Please see Youtube : Ludwing Van Beethoven. I am sure i helped you a lot

No, Ludwig Van Beethoven did NOT attend music school. his father saw that he had a musical ability and made him practice very early, long, and hard.

Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena Keverich van Beethoven.

Johann Beethoven and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven were the parents of the great Classical-Romantic composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Camper Van Beethoven Is Dead. Long Live Camper Van Beethoven was created in 2000.

Johanna van Beethoven was born in 1786.

Johanna van Beethoven died in 1869.

Camper Van Beethoven was created in 1983.

Ludwig Von Beethoven was a music composer of the 18th century, and was the grandson of Louis van Beethoven.

Van Horn High School was created in 1955.

Ludwig van Beethoven (baptized December 17, 1770

Johann van beethoven was a German musician

Beethoven had 6 siblings, four of whom died in infancy. His two younger brothers were Kaspar Karl and Nikolaus. what waa Beethoven's dads name Ludwig Maria van Beethoven, Kaspar Anton Karl van Beethoven, Nicolas Johann van Beethoven, Anna Maria Francisca van Beethoven, Franz Georg van Beethoven and Maria Margarita Josepha van Beethoven were all of Beethoven's siblings, however four died during infancy.

Answer: Ludwig Van Beethoven was from Bonn, Germany

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany.

Johann van Beethoven was born on November 14, 1740.

His grandfather was a Fleming (Lodewijk van Beethoven) That's why there's a Dutch Van instead of a German Von.

Martin Van Buren High School was created in 1955.

He was named after his father Johann Van Beethoven.

Mozart as Beethoven was intrigued by him.

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