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Q: Did Luke Bryan direct Rodney Atkin's new video?
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Related questions

Is that Rodney Atkins kid in the video?

His name is Eli.

What awards has Rodney Atkins received?

Rodney Atkins has won one award. In 2006 he won 'Top New Male Vocalist' in association with Academy of Country Music. He was also nominated for 'Song of the Year', 'Top Male Vocalist', 'Album of the Year', 'Song of the Year', 'Video of the Year', 'Horizon Award' and 'New Artist of the Year'.

Who is the boy in Rodney Atkins Buckaroo Song?

The name of the song is I've been watching you and the boy in the video is his actual son not sure of the boys name though I think its Elijah or something like that

Who was the girl in Luke Bryan's video kiss tomorrow goodbye?

Who was the woman in Luke Bryan's video "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"

Where can one find a Rodney Carrington video?

Youtube is the premier video sharing website! Rodney Carrington and various other comedic videos can be found with ease via Youtube's easy to search video database!

Who is girl in Luke Bryan's new video?

The girl in Luke Bryan's new video is Kourtney Hansen ..... formerly from KJJY in Des Moines, IA.

Does Rodney Mullen have a video game company?

no he dosent

How many kids does rodeny Atkins have?

Atkins is married to Tammy Jo and has a son named Elijah, who appears in the video for "Watching You". Atkins also has two stepdaughters, Lindsey and Morgan, from Tammy's previous relationship.

Is Rodney Atkins son in any of his videos?

the answer is yes. If i remember right. Ye he's in the music video for watching you because his dad wrote that song about him. I n the beggining of the video he's singing "If you're going through hell keep on goin' don't slow down..." Then Rodney comes out and aks "Where'd you learn that song son?" And he answers saying "You daddy" I'm listening to watching you right now, and it says in the first verse the 4 year old said a 4 letter word it started with S and I concerned, so that tells you how old his son was at the time of the video.

What is Bryan breeding favorite thing to do?

Bryan's favorite things to do is play video games, and draw

Why can't you get a Bryan breeding personal video?

You can get a personal video from Bryan. Go to the B5 myspace page under google and look at the blogs and one of them will tell you how u can get a personal video from 1 member or more.

What did Luke Bryan's wife think of his video with Cameron Richardson Epspecially when they were cuddling?

Luke Bryan's wife did not like his video that has him cuddling with Cameron Richardson. She was really to hurt him.

How do you unlock Daniel Bryan?

On what video game?

Who is the girl in Luke Bryan's Drunk on You video?

Cameron Richardson

Who video tape the beating of Rodney king?

George Holliday an amateur photographer.

What do Bryan liketo do?

he likes football and playing video games

Who is girl in Luke Bryan's video drunk on you?

Kourtney Hansen Cameron Richardson

Who is the girls in ludacris video how low?

Two of them is Nikki B and Dollicia Bryan

What are all of the video games that Rodney Mullen is in?

Every Tony Hawk game but that's it...

Who plays the boy in Avril lavignes girlfriend video?

Bryan McMullin

What is the name of the song from the youtube video called Daniel Bryan Tribute Video and the person who made this video is nttn5150?

One X by Three Days Grace

What does Video URL mean?

The direct URL link to the video.

Who is the girl in akon's video i can't wait?

ain't it dollicia Bryan! :P

Who is the girl in Bryan ferry's windswept video?

laurance treil is the models name

Who is the girl in Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife video?

Raquel Pena