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Not in the TV series, for sure. Probably not in the 5 Made-for-TV Movies in the 1980s and 90s, either, but I'm not certain.

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according to

there was one kiss, but they don't say which episode it was in.

Matt and kitty did share one kiss, on the cheek.from kitty to Matt. on the only Christmas episode ever filmed that i know of, in 73 or 74, KAT....

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Q: Did Marshal Dillon of the Gunsmoke TV show ever kiss Miss Kitty?
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Who did Matt dillon marry on gunsmoke?

Marshal Matt Dillon never married on Gunsmoke. He was involved with Miss Kitty Russell, owner of the Long Branch Saloon, but they never married. Check out Toby Keith's song "Shoulda Been a Cowboy" in which he talks about Marshal Dillon & Miss Kitty.

Did miss kitty and marshal dillon have a child?


Was Beth Dillon on Gunsmoke Miss Kitty's daughter?


Did Matt Dillon ever kiss Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke?


In the series Gunsmoke who was the mother of Marshall Matt Dillon's daughter?

miss kitty

Why wouldn't Marshal Dillon kiss Miss Kitty?

It was believed that the audiences would not approve of their relationship, since Miss Kitty was a saloon girl.

Did Miss Kitty ever tell Matt Dillon how she felt about him on any Gunsmoke episode?


Did they get Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty together at the end of Gunsmoke?

I believe that they did not. In fact, they even had follow movies where Matt is alone and was never with Miss Kitty.

Did Miss Kitty ever kiss Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke?

Once on the cheek at a Christmas party.

Who was Matt Dillon married to in the Gunsmoke movies?

No one. The only lady on the show was "Miss Kitty" and they were just good friends.

Did Matt Dillon kiss Miss kitty on Gunsmoke?

She kissed HIM on the cheek in one episode but that's all we ever saw on camera.

Which two actors were with the show for all of those years on Gunsmoke?

Amanda Blake (Miss Kitty) and James Arness (Matt Dillon) .

When did miss kitty join gunsmoke?

She was there from the beginning

Gunsmoke. What is Ms kitty's full name?

"Miss Kitty Russell"

Who played Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke?

Amanda Blake

Who are the long branch owners in the gunsmoke series?

Miss kitty

Female cat name?

I am partial to "Miss Kitty" aka Miss Kitty of the old western series "Gunsmoke".

What was the name of the salon on gunsmoke miss kitty owned?

The Longbranch

What episode of gunsmoke did miss kitty get her mole?

first episode

What is the name of Miss Kitty's bar in Gunsmoke?

Long Branch Saloon

What was the relationship between Matt dillon and miss kitty?

Miss Kitty was in love with Marshall Dillon and he was in love with her, but for some tragic reason, their love would remain forever unrequited. It wasn't proper for the Marshall to be seen a-courtin' that saloon-gal, Miss Kitty...

On Gunsmoke did Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty ever kiss or get together?

Kitty gave Matt a kiss on the cheek at the end of one of the Christmas shows. That's the only kiss between them, but as Jim Arness says, "It counts!"

What was the saloon name that Miss Kitty owned in Gunsmoke?

The Long Branch Saloon.

Did Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty have dinner together?

Yes, quite often.

What is Miss kitty's last name?

The character on Gunsmoke was named Kitty Russell, played by actress Amanda Blake.