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The answer is yes, although the amount she inherited was negligible. Out of the $54 Million Estate, she was only awarded a total of $16,000.00. Interviews were given by Ambrose in 2004 stating that the disbursement of the Will was being "held up" because Switzerland did not recognize "Common Law Wives" and that Robert Palmer had written the Will in her favour. That was not correct. Ambrose was not Robert Palmer's common law wife to start with, and the Will was ajudicated in Paris, France, not Switzerland. As it turned out, Robert Palmer had written his Last Will and Testament to favour his children and to benefit UNICEF. Mary Ambrose did sue the Estate of Robert Palmer in 2004, but her matter was dismissed by the Paris, France Court. She Appealed the Court's decision, but her Appeal was dismissed in 2004.

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Did Mary Ambrose Robert Palmers former girlfriend inherit his mansion in Lugano Switzerland I have read comments by his grown children that the Estate was sold?

No, Mary Ambrose did not inherit his manison in Lugano, Switzerland. It was sold as part of the Estate of Robert Palmer. The mansion was sold by Soteby's European Real Estate Division in early 2004 at the behest of James Palmer, the Executor of the Estate of Robert Palmer. According to James Palmer, the proceeds of the sale were distributed equally among Robert Palmer's five children.

Did Mary Ambrose inherit Robert Palmers mansion in Switzerland and what is she up to these days?

No she didn't. The mansion became part of the Estate of Robert Palmer when the will was probated. It was put on the market by James Palmer, the Executor of the Estate of Robert Palmer in late 2003. Sotoby's European Swiss Real Estate Division sold the mansion in early 2004. Mary Ambrose did not do very well after Robert Palmer died and she did not inherit in any significant way from his estate. Her total inheritance was $16,000.00. She is now incarcerated in a federal penitentiary on an investment fraud conviction but is elegable for parole in 2012. Unfortunatley, this is her third stay behind bars. She served time in 1997 in a county jail for pandering, and in 2005 she served time in a federal penitentiary for Extortion. Her three children are now being raised by her brother, Michael Ambrose, Jr., in the State of New York.

Where was Mary Ambrose the woman who sued the Estate of Robert Palmer born?

Mary Catherine Ambrose was born in San Diego, California, in 1977.

Is it true that Mary Ambrose the woman who sued the Estate of Robert Palmer is the sister of the artist Christine Ambrose?

That is not true. Christine Ambrose is no relation to Mary Ambrose. Mary Ambrose has only one brother, whose name is Michael.

How was Mary Ambrose case vs estate of Robert Palmer resolved?

Robert Palmer did die testate. His Last Will and Testament was lodged with the Bahamian courts. Robert Palmer did alter his Will, after his divorce in addition to adding a codicil to the document at that time. Robert had two grown children from his marriage Susan Palmer. The majority of his Estate, including his mansion in Lugano, did go to his children.

Why did Mary Ambrose a former date of Robert Palmers have three interviews manufactured having Robert Palmer discussing her It was proven that they had never taken place. What was her reason for this?

The three articles were that were legally debunked, which means they can't be used in any legal or citing capacity, were "Robert Palmer was Addicted to my Love", "The Interview" and "A Feature on Robert Palmer." They were written by Nick Krewen and Jane Gordon. Also, these articles may not be reprinted in any legal capacity. The best guest as to why Mary Ambrose had these articles created, according to those that knew the late Robert Palmer, was so that she would be able to present them in a court of law as proof of her relationship with the late Robert Palmer. Robert Palmer had ended his relationship with Mary Ambrose by early 2003 and she was fully aware that she was not going to inherit from the Estate of Robert Palmer, therefore the articles were fabricated as evidence for the court to consider. In the discovery phase of the matter of "Mary Catherine Ambrose v. The Estate of Robert Palmer" probate matter, Mary Ambrose attempted to submit the articles. The court failed to accept the articles into consideration being made aware of their debunked status. Both writers of the three articles were known to Mary Ambrose, prior to Robert Palmer's death. Her reason for doing this was, quite simply, for financial gain. Stranger things have happened in the pursuit of wealth.

Did Mary Ambrose get any settlement from Robert Palmer's estate?

Mary Ambrose did receive a small inheritance from The Estate of Robert Palmer. It was under $20,000.00. She did try to contest the will in French Courts on the grounds that the will was tampered with. The court did not have enough evidence to to proceed with the case and dismissed the case as "without merit."

What is Robert palmer's girlfriend Mary Ambrose doing now?

After the death of Robert Palmer, Mary Ambrose sued the Estate of Robert Palmer but did not prevail. Robert Palmer did die testate and although his Last Will and Testament was challenged by Ambrose, the Will eventually stood as written. Ambrose's final suit was brought in 2007, when her legal options were extinguised. Ambrose's luck did not hold after Robert Palmer's death and she is now serving time on a prison sentence for a 2011 conviction on a white collar crime. This is not her first time behind bars, she has also served time in 1997 and 2005. Most recently, Mary Ambrose has put up social networking sites alleging that she is living in Ticino, Switzerland residing in the home that she and Robert Palmer shared. Although Mary Ambrose resided with Robert Palmer as his estate manager and personal assistant, Robert Palmer was engaged to Geraldine Edwards at the time of his death, although he did date Ambrose prior to that. Also, the house was sold as part of the estate once it entered probate and was sold by Soteby's European/Swiss Real Estate Division in 2004, it's proceeds divided among the five Palmer children as were the wishes of the late Robert Palmer. Ambrose has most recently been living in Southern California according to members of her family prior to her incarceration. She will be elegible for parole in 2012, and more than likely will be released back into the community to spend the remainder of her sentence on parole. In 2011, Ambrose's parential rights were extingused by the State of California to her three children, born in 2001, 2002 and 2008 due to her competance as a parent. The children are now being reared by a relative of Ambrose's. None of the children belonged to Robert Palmer. Although Mary Ambrose has had her problems in the past, two of her cousins have backed her up on her most recent Web site, by the name of Susan and William. Although Ambrose has tried to present them as her sister and brother, they are in fact her cousins. William went so far as to claim that he is residing at the Palmer Estate with Mary Ambrose alleging still that Mary Ambrose did inherit the house. The house was in fact sold to a European Corporation in 2004. According to Mary Ambrose's uncle, Harvey Ambrose, his niece will not return to Southern California when she has completed serving her sentence. Ambrose has advised him that she will relocate to New York.

Where did Mary Ambrose meet the late Robert Palmer as you have read a couple of different answers?

Mary Ambrose met Robert Palmer in August of 1995 at a party at the home of her then boyfriend's brother in Coronado, California, when she was eighteen years old. Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose became platonic friends, and Robert Palmer hired her as his live-in Estate Manager and Personal Assistant in 2000. They casually dated from 2000 to 2003. The rumor that Mary Ambrose had met Robert Palmer while working as a waitress in San Francisco, California, in the early nineties was started by a blogger on a Metafilter site. A couple of writers thought the information was valid and included it in their articles. The truth of the matter is that Mary Ambrose never lived in San Francisco working as a waitress, and during the early nineties was living at home with her parents. Her first meeting with Robert Palmer was indeed in Coronado, in 1995.

Did the person who asked the question Was Robert Palmer still dating Robert Palmer and was she still working for him mean to say dating Mary Ambrose?

Yes. The question was intended to be Was Robert Palmer still dating Mary Ambrose before he died and was she still working for him. Just replace the second mention of Robert Palmer's name with Mary Ambrose.

Is Mary ambrose the former housekeeper of Robert palmer dead?

Mary Ambrose was Robert Palmer's girlfriend and partner for 15 years. She is not dead

Who took the two pictures I have seen of Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose his ex-girlfriend In both photos they are in the same shot but really don't look like they are together?

One picture, attached to an article that was legally debunked written by Jane Gordon, is of Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose taken in 1995 by a friend and future employer of Mary Ambrose. The woman who took the picture hired Mary Ambrose as her au pair the following year in 1996. Mary Ambrose is standing behind Robert Palmer in the picture, sporting short hair and holding a cocktail in one hand and food in the other. According to the woman who took the picture, Robert Palmer and his then wife, Susan Palmer, were in attendance at the party, which she and her husband were giving. They were friends with Robert Palmer. She also knew Mary Ambrose, and Ambrose requested an invitation to the party when she heard Robert Palmer was going to be there. She had met Robert Palmer previously and had a crush on him. The woman allowed her to attend the party and stated that when Robert Palmer arrived, Mary Ambrose proceeded to follow Robert Palmer around the party, resulting in the picture that she took. They definitely were not posing together, Mary Ambrose was following him in the background. She gave Mary Ambrose a copy of the photo, who proceeded to give it out to be attached to articles. The second photo of Robert Palmer and Mary Ambrose was a group shot taken by Richard Coble in 1999, a production assistant who worked for Robert Palmer. In this photo, Mary Ambrose is standing in front of Robert Palmer with her arms folded. According to Rod Adamson, who was also in the photo, the picture was taken in Hong Kong, when certain members of Robert Palmer's entourage followed him out to a private airfield to see him off on his flight. According to him, Mary Ambrose was part of the group that went to Hong Kong to see Robert Palmer's show and also part of the group that went out to the airfield to see him off. There were three other people that saw Palmer off, but were not in the picture. He mentioned that Susan Palmer was not in the picture because she was already in the helicopter.

How did the rumor get started that Mary Ambrose the woman who sued the Estate of Robert Palmer was the sister of Christine Ambrose?

The rumor got started by a Metafilter blog site, where the author of the blog connected Mary Ambrose to the artist, Christine Ambrose, as her sister. The blogger alleged that he had worked with Christine Ambrose, which is possible, at a restaurant in San Francisco, and that Christine Ambrose invited her sister, Mary Ambrose, out from Ohio to live with her in San Francisco, when Mary Ambrose was seventeen years old. In this same long and windy blog, this man states that Mary Ambrose met Robert Palmer in the early nineties, that Robert Palmer "fell in love" with Mary Ambrose within two days of meeting her, and invited her to move to Switzerland to live with him within forty-eight hours of meeting her. He also refers to Mary Ambrose as Robert Palmer's wife, and of course, Mary Ambrose and Robert Palmer were never married. This blogger, who identified himself as "Diggman" created a romantic story that perhaps he believed in his own mind, but was not factual. Christine Ambrose is not related to Mary Ambrose, and has in fact never met her. She has asked people to stop inquiring about Mary Ambrose on her website, which is devoted to her artwork. In addition, Robert Palmer was married to Susan Palmer in the early nineties, and was in no position to ask a girlfriend to move in with him. Mary Ambrose has one brother by the name of Michael Ambrose, period. And finally, Mary Ambrose never lived in San Francisco working as a waitress, and in fact met Robert Palmer in late 1995 at a social event, when she was eighteen years old, not in the early nineties.

Was Mary Ambrose the woman who sued the Estate of Robert Palmer featured in any of his video performances of Addicted to Love?

The answer is no, per EMI Records and Elizabeth Freund, the late Robert Palmer's publicist. Mary Ambrose did not appear in any videotaped performances of Addicted to Love. In fact, Mary Ambrose did not appear in any Robert Palmer videos at all. I am not trying to be rude, but Mary Ambrose was neither a model or a dancer. In pictures that I have seen of her, no offense, she is heavy set and not suited to either modeling or dancing. Mary Ambrose did contribute some backing vocals on Drive as well as backing vocals on Rhythm and Blues. It was known that Mary Ambrose was interested in entering the music business and Robert Palmer was kind enough to give her some experience in this range.

Is it true that Mick Carter the manager of the late Robert Palmer tried to get himself assigned to the Estate of Robert Palmer as a Trustee?

Yes, that is true. The Paris, France Court denied his request to be named a Trustee of the Estate of Robert Palmer.

Was Mary Ambrose who dated Robert Palmer in Paris with Robert Palmer when he died a Sun article stated this but I think they were wrong according to other info?

No she was not. At the time of Robert Palmer's death, he was no longer involved with Mary Ambrose romantically. The Sun article quote's Ambrose as calling the front desk of the Warwick de berri hotel and saying "My husband is not well. Call an ambulance. I beg you, call an ambulance." That conversation never took place as Mary Ambrose was not in Paris, France with Robert Palmer at the time of his death. What's more, Mary Ambrose was never married to Robert Palmer and he certainly was not her husband at any time. The person who was vacationing with Robert Palmer in Paris at the time of his death was Jack Bruce, in addition to which Robert Palmer was engaged to Geraldine Edwards by September of 2003, who happened to be one of the two inspirations for Penny Lane in Almost Famous, the other being Bebe Buell. Robert Palmer had been seriously dating her since his divorce from his second wife, Susan Palmer, in late 1999. Ambrose was not anywhere near Paris at the time of Robert Palmer's death.

Was Mary Ambrose vacationing in Paris with Robert Palmer when he died?

No, she was not. Mary Ambrose did fly in to Paris, France from Lugano, Switzerland early on the morning of September 25, 2003. Robert Palmer had extended no invitation for her to join him in Paris and advised her to book a return flight to Lugano, Switzerland that day. Mary Ambrose complied with his order and returned to Lugano, Switzerland later that afternoon. Robert Palmer had earmarked his time in Paris to spend with his friend Jack Bruce as well as conduct publicity appearances for the recent release of Drive. In addition to that, Mary Ambrose only traveled with Robert Palmer in her capacity as his personal assistant. Robert Palmer did not require her services as such on September 25, 2003, ergo her return to Lugano, Switzerland. The original report that Mary Ambrose was in Paris, France, vacationing with Robert Palmer, was an error in reportage made by Mick Carter, Robert Palmer's manager.

Is it true that Mary Ambrose Robert Palmers Estate Manager and sometimes date tried to sell a story to the tabloids stating that she and Robert Palmer had gotten secretly married in 1996?

Mary Ambrose did try to contact certain papers to sell her exclusive story of her secret marriage to Robert Palmer, which never took place. Two of the papers she contacted were the National Enquirer and the The Globe. She alleged that she and Robert Palmer got married quietly in Turkey in 1996. When asked if she could produce a valid wedding license and documentation that she was legally married to Robert Palmer, including pictures, she said no, the the documents had been lost and that nobody would send her copies of them. She was asking for $75,000.00 in exchange for the exclusive interview. The papers Ambrose contacted did their research, and discovered that Robert Palmer was married to Susan Palmer in 1996. When Robert Palmer's family and friends heard of what Mary Ambrose was up to, they contacted the papers to tell them that no such marriage had ever taken place and that Palmer was married in 96 to Susan Palmer. Needless to say, those papers Mary Ambrose contacted to write her "story" declined her offer. Robert Palmer's last marriage was to Susan Palmer, whom he was divorced from in 1999. It was revealed that in 1996, Mary Ambrose was living with a couple that Robert Palmer was business partners with and also friends with as their live-in Au Pair. The couples name was John and Rae Agostino. Palmer started dating Mary Ambrose in 2000 and was not intimately involved with him in 1996. And finally, Mary Ambrose was legally prohibited from referring to herself as Robert Palmer's girlfriend by the Palmer family in 2003 by the agency of a Cease and Desist letter. As it turned out, Robert Palmer's girlfriend at the time of his death and since his divorce from Susan Palmer was none other than Geraldine Edwards, the woman Almost Famous was written about. She and Palmer were relocating to Los Angeles, prior to Palmer's death.

Did Mary Ambrose have a child with the late Robert Palmers manager Mick Carter?

Yes, according to the late Robert Palmer, Mary Ambrose and Mick Carter had a son together in 2001.

Is it true that Mary Ambrose who became Robert Palmers estate manager and sometimes date worked as a Au Pair in Del Mar before she worked for Robert Palmer?

Yes, that is true per Rae Agostino. Mary Ambrose worked for John and Rae Agostino as their live-in Au Pair from late 1996 to 2000 in Del Mar, California. She became employed by them when she was nineteen years old. The Agostinos' happened to be friends with Robert Palmer as well as business partners with him. Ambrose had met the Agostinos' at the same party she had met Robert Palmer at in 1995 and had become friendly with them. When the Agostinos' mentioned that they were seeking a new Au Pair, as they had two adolescent sons, and both were busy, Mary volunteered to take the position. She remained employed by them until she was hired by Robert Palmer as his Estate Manager and Personal Assistant in 2000. Thanks to Mary's friendship with the Agostinos', Robert Palmer allowed her to contribute background vocals to his Rhythm and Blues Recording, when they asked Robert to award the opportunity to Mary as a birthday present. Mary was very interested in entering the music field. Robert agreed, and let Ambrose contribute on two songs. By all accounts, Ambrose was besides herself over the opportunity.

Is it true that Mick Carter the late Robert Palmers manager petitioned to have himself named as a Trustee on the Estate of Robert Palmer was he successful?

Yes, Mick Carter petitioned the French Probate Court requesting that he be named a Trustee on the Estate of Robert Palmer on the grounds that he questioned the competency of the assigned Trustee James Palmer. The Court found that James Palmer was sufficiently competent to act as Trustee. James Palmer was also the Executor of the Estate of Robert Palmer. It is unconventional for the court to assign a Trustee to an estate when the Decedent has not named that individual as such. This will occur only in rare circumstances with considerable deliberation from the court. Mick Carters petition was denied. James Palmer did an admirable job administering the Estate of Robert Palmer by all accounts.

Did Mary Ambrose the woman who unsuccessfully sued the Estate of Robert Palmer file a third case through the Hauge Convention?

Yes she did. In fact the case brought by Mary Ambrose was the first matter tried by the Hauge Convention, established in 2007, giving the matter some importance. The Hauge Convention is an International Law Tribunal that allows any citizen of a country attached to the United Nations to appeal a final court decision and officially re-open the matter. In the matter of "Mary Ambrose v. The Paris, France Probate Court" the grounds were that it was illegal for the Paris, France Court to assign a Third Party Administrator (Mark Palmer) to the Estate of Robert Palmer in 2004. The second issue was questioning the legality of James Palmer, the Executor of the Estate of Robert Palmer, to be named as the Sole Trustee of the Estate. If the Hauge Convention had decided in Mary Ambrose's favour, she would have had an opportunity to, once again, sue the Estate of Robert Palmer, for a third time. In short, Mary Ambrose's legal counsel were looking for the proverbial loophole. The Hauge Convention found as follows: the Appointment of Mark Palmer, Robert Palmer's brother, as the Third Party Administrator (at the request of James Palmer) was legal, as well as the naming of James Palmer as the Sole Trustee of the Estate of Robert Palmer. This was Mary Ambrose's final appeal (Sept. 19, 2007) and thus Mary Ambrose has no further legal recourse in suing the Estate of Robert Palmer. Her final settlement remained $16,000.00. This figure was made public by the International Court. The matter was filed through the Ticino Court System as that was Robert Palmer's last legal address in his lifetime, Lake Lugano, Ticino-Regano, Switzerland, and that is the policy of the Hauge Convention. In a probate case, the matter must be filed with the Court that is attached to the Decedant's last known legal address as it holds the strongest jurisdiction.

How did a Blogger on a Metafilter site come up with so much bogus information regarding Robert Palmer and his sometimes girlfriend and Estate Manager Mary Ambrose?

The blogger simply became overexcited when he saw the name Mary Ambrose written in conjunction with Robert Palmer's name. The story behind the story is that the blogger worked with the wonderful artist, Christine Ambrose, at the Hayes Street Grille in San Francisco in the early nineties. Christine Ambrose was working there at the time as a waitress and the blogger was a waiter there. Christine Ambrose, who does in fact have a large family hailing from Ohio, brought her younger sister out from Ohio to stay with her for awhile. The sister, who's name is Maria, ended up staying permanently. Her sister arranged a job for her at the Grille as a busperson. Later Maria was promoted to waitress. She eventually returned to Ohio and married. For reasons that nobody can fathom, the blogger decided that Maria was Mary Ambrose and somehow remembered being privy to the inception of a relationship that Robert Palmer never had with Maria Ambrose. Maria Ambrose and Mary Ambrose are two complete separate people. Most people, including Christine Ambrose, surmised that this blogger just wanted his fifteen minutes of fame and capitalized on the death of Robert Palmer to do so. Christine Ambrose, nor any other member of her family had ever met Robert Palmer. Robert Palmer initially met Mary Ambrose at a party in Coronado, California in 1995. He definitely did not meet her while she was waiting tables in the early nineties, as was written in error on more than one occasion.

Was Mary Ambrose invited to Robert Palmers funeral?

No, she was not. Although Mary Ambrose asked for an invitation to the funeral, the Palmer family advised her that she would not be in receipt of one.

How did Mary Ambroses name get attached to the singer Robert Palmers obituaries when I heard Robert Palmer announce Geraldine Edwards as his girlfriend on Access Hollywood shortly before his death?

According to Robert Palmer himself in interviews, his close friends, and his family members, Geraldine Edwards was his girlfriend at the time of his death. She had been his girlfriend since Palmer's divorce from Susan in 1999. Mary Ambrose was a woman who casually dated Robert Palmer from 2000 to 2003 and who worked for Palmer as his Estate Manager and his Personal Assistant for that same period of years. According to Peter Bascombe, a close Palmer friend, as well as others that knew Palmer, Mary Ambrose was definintely not considered Robert Palmer's girlfriend. Mary Ambrose even had two children from friends and acquaintances of Robert Palmer while employed by him and dating him. One Palmer friend, Leo Stapleton, who also worked with Palmer professionally, stated publicly that Palmer referred to Mary Ambrose as "the arrangement" because she was simply there, not unlike Mt. Everest. He did not consider her his primary relationship. Palmer had met Mary Ambrose socially in 1995 at a party in San Diego, California. How her name came to be attached to the obituaries was because Robert Palmer's manager, Mick Carter, announced Mary Ambroses' name to the press as Robert Palmer's girlfriend in error. The press then reported Ambroses' name upon Carter's word. Carter was very fond of Mary Ambrose and in fact had a child with her in 2001. His excuse to one one Palmer friend, Joey Faahar, was "I felt that I should do it for Mary. She loved him so much. And she did live with him." When Faahar pointed out that she lived with him as his Estate Manager and Personal Assistant, Carter replied "That doesn't matter. She was living there." Shortly thereafter, Carter was legally enjoined from announcing Mary Ambrose as Robert Palmer's girlfriend, but he had caused a tremendous amount of upset and confusion in the meanwhile.

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