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no Maryland did not fight .They specifically said that they had nothing to do with it but if they were fighting they would fight for the norths freedom

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Who did the confederates fight in the civil war?

It was the south against the north. The Union (North), The confederates (South).

Was Maryland part of the north or south during Civil War?

Maryland remained within the Union (the North) throughout the Civil War. However, many residents of Maryland sympathised with the Confederacy (the South) and a substantial Union military presence was maintained in the state to ensure that it stayed in the Union.

Why did the north want to fight the south?

US Civil War=North wanted to retain the South Vietnam War=North wanted to conquer the South

Why did the north and south fight in the civil war?

because they were fighting over money but north didn't actually want to fight

Did black and white people fight in the civil war?

Acually it was the north versus the south. The north wanted no slaves and the south did.

What was the original reason for the North fighting the Civil War?

The original reason for the North to fight the Civil War was to prevent the South from seceding.

Did Pennsylvania fight for the south or the north during the civil war?

Pennsylvania fought for the south. Pennsylvania fought for the south.

Why did the North have to go to the South to fight duringthe Civil War?

The southeners couldn't find their way to the north.

What resource did North have in Civil War that South didn't?

freed slaves willing to help fight the south

Where did the battles of civil war mostly fought north or south?

The battles of the Civil War were mostly fought south, including Kentucky, Missouri and Maryland. The only great Battle fought north was that of Gettysburg.

Why did black men enlist in the Civil War?

North - To free balcks South - To fight

How did the Civil War change the USA?

It caused the North and the South to fight each other.

Why was the civil war more devasting in the south than the north?

Most of the major battle in the Civil War were fought in the South (except for a few in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Vermont). The South lost the war.

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