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Yes, they had been legally separated for 1 year and Mike filed for divorce in late October 2006 and the divorce was granted and became final in Early February 2007. Denice works for the Sea Sharp Music Academy in Wilmington, NC. She has a My Space page at:

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Q: Did Mike Hopper of the Southern Gospel group The Hoppers divorce his wife Denice?
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How old is Mike Hopper of the hoppers?

The Hoppers are a Southern Gospel group from North Carolina. Michael Hopper played as the drummer. He was born on September 5, 1969 and is now 44 years old.

What gospel group besides the hoppers sang but for the blood?

Standing Tall

Where can I find the lyrics to the gospel song 'That's Him'?

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Yes, there are gay people in Southern Gospel. I could write a book on it.

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Gay southern gospel musicians are all closeted, so it's not possible to know.

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Southern gospel has a wide variety of sounds, from soul gospel spirituals, to male quartet style, to bluegrass. (Sometimes little jazz or rock may even be in the mix). While a lot of southern gospel may have that country twang to it there is still a separate group of singers that classify themselves as country gospel such as Paul Overstreet and Susie Luchsinger (Reba McEntire's sister). And you are more likely to see country gospel artists dress in the cowboy-style unlike most southern gospel singers.

White southern gospel music is also considered country gospel music?

true (apex)

How many southern gospel artists are divorced?


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Joyce Martin is a well known gospel singer. She is divorced and has been for some time, but the date of her divorce is not listed.

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How many Grammy Awards has Martina McBride won?

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Where is the Southern Gospel Music Association Inc in Sevierville Tennessee located?

The address of the Southern Gospel Music Association Inc is: Po Box 6729, Sevierville, TN 37864-6729

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You can find them on

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Happy rhythm

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