Did Monet ever paint a waterfall?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Did Monet ever paint a waterfall?
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When did Claude Monet start to paint?

Monet was 10 years old when he first started to paint.

Did Monet's family paint?

No, Monet's family didn't paint. However, Monet's mother, Louise-Justine Aubre Monet, was a singer and it was her love of art that helped inspire Claude Monet to become an artist.

When did Monet paint sunflower?

Monet's Bouquet of Sunflowers was painted in 1881.

What was Monet's legacy?

Monet's legacy was to paint and to have fun doing what he loved.

Monet like to paint water why?

Monet liked to paint landscapes, and water played a HUGE role in them. Also, Monet bought a house near a swampy pond.

Did Claude Monet's parents paint?


How did monet paint?

he used technique

Who did Claude Monet paint for?

The Salon.

What french impressionist and friend of Renoir left school to paint?

Claude Monet did.

What did Claude Monet draw with?

See discussion page Most of Calude Monet's medium was oil paint. He used to paint on a canvass.

How pictures did Claude Monet paint?

this is not a name 72 wold be if you said Claude Monet

Who encourages Monet to paint outside?

Claude Monet met an artist named Eugene Boudin in 1856 at Le Havre. He was the one who encouraged Monet to paint outdoors.