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Monet was the second son of Claude Adolphe and Louise Justine Aubrée Monet. He had a brother named Leon and he was older than Claude.

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Did Claude Monet have siblings?

Claude Monet had an older brother called Travis Claude Monet

How many siblings did Claude Monet have?

Claude Monet had one brother.

How many siblings did monet have?

He had an older brother named Leon

Who were claude Monets siblings?

Claude Monet was born on 14 November 1840 and he had an older brother. His name was Leon Pascal Monet.

Who are Claude Monet's siblings?

As far as I could find on the internet Claude Monet had one older brother

What nicknames does Monet Dunham go by?

Monet Dunham goes by Monet.

When was Jean Monet and Michael Monet born?

Jean Monet was born in 1867 and Michael Monet was born in 1878.

How old was Leon Monet when Claude Monet was born?

Léon Monet, Claude Monet's grandfather, was eighty when Claude Monet was born.

Were did monet live?

Monet lived in France.

What is the birth name of Monet Mazur?

Monet Mazur's birth name is Monet Happy Mazur.

What is the birth name of Monet Monico?

Monet Monico's birth name is Monet Tatianna Lerner.

Does Daniella Monet speak Hebrew?

If you mean Daniella Monet, then the answer is no.

What is the birth name of Monet Dunham?

Monet Dunham's birth name is Monet Cherise Dunham.

Did Claude Monet have brothers or sisters?

Claude Monet was the second son of Adolphe Monet and Louise Aubree. His older brother was called Leon Pascal Monet.

Who was cluade Monet?

claude monet was a french painter

Was Monet very famous?

Was monet very famous no

Is there a champaigne called Monet?

Yes, there is a champaigne Julien-Monet. And one of the top brands is Moët & Chandon (Not Monet!)

Does daniella monet have a brother?


Who were Claude Monet's family members?

James monet-father jaqueline monet-mother leon monet-brother

How many brothers and sisters did Claude Monet have?

Actually, Claude Monet was the second son of Adolphe Monet and Louise Aubree his older brother is called Leon Pascal Monet

Who were Claude Monet's sons?

Jean Monet, Michel Monet

Who is Jean Monet?

He is the eldest son of painter Claude Monet.

Who is Camille Monet?

She was the wife of impressionist artist Claude Monet.

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