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Did Napoleon destroy the legacy of the French Revolution?

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The idea of Liberty Equality & Fraternity is wholly the stuff of fiction, I'm afraid. Having said that Napoleon has no part in this ethos, but who would have done & who ever has, or will ? Speed the day, Brother! If the idea of people determining their own destiny was ever a hope then Napoleon tramples it into the dust. However he replaces this with the personification of autocatic leadership, and then spoils the whole thing by simply replacing one corrupt dynasty, the Bourbons, with his own tawdry relatives. It's a bit of a yes/no answer, but, for me it's about 85% no.

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Did Napoleon do more to preserve the legacy of the French Revolution or to destroy it?


What is the legacy of the french revolution?

The legacy of the French Revolution is Chuck Norris's penis.

What is the legacy left by the french revolution?


What was the legacy of the French Revolution?

fraternity, equality and liberty

What did the french revolution leAve a legacy of?

The French Revolution left a legacy of isolationist orientation and economic stability over modernization as well as cultural protectionism (ie relationship with muslims today).

What do you think is the greatest legacy of the french revolution and why?

equality,liberty and fraternity.

Legacy of Napoleon?

The Napoleonic Code.

What was the legacy of Napoleon?

The Napoleonic Code.

What was legacy of Napoleon?

Napoleon was the general who successfully defended the French Revolution and brought an end to the Bourbon monarchy, and to the aristocratic system by which France had been ruled since the fall of the Roman Empire, and later as Emperor he created a body of law known as the Napoleonic Code, which remains a fundamental part of French law to this day (although of course it has been revised over the centuries).

What do you think is the greatest legacy of the French Revolution?

The greatest legacy of Rome is the concept civil rights. It is used in modern form in all three countries of the world.

What is Napoleon Bonaparte's legacy?

The Napoleonic Code.

What was a useful and lasting legacy of Napoleon?

Napoleonic Code.

In what way does Napoleon reveal his concern for his own legacy?

he didnt.

Who ran the country after king Louis xvi died?

Nobody did. A legacy called the Directory was installed and they tried to reign, but failed. Only in 1799 when Napoleon Bonaparte came to power (and ended the revolution) the country slowly got out of the chaos and the revolution was over.

What is the most important thing Napoleon Bonaparte did?

The Naqpoleonic Code is his lasting legacy.

What was the legacy of the American Revolution?

The legacy of the American Revolution is that people can see that wrongs by a government can be righted. It also shows that even the underdogs can win if they are fighting for their homes.

Is legacy from new boyz Mexican?

No, Legacy is black, native american, and French.

Can you explain the impact of Napoleon and the legacy of the French Revolution on the politics and culture of the early nineteenth century?

There are two very separate strings to the Question. Napoleon benefits from the turmoil of the revolutionary fervour & in time becomes self proclaimed Emperor. The legacy of the revolution causes consternation to all the rulers of Europe, the idea of the proletariat wanting Liberty, Fraternity & Equality is not on their agenda. Napoleons impact was primarily a military one, one of conquest & alliances with various states, mostly in what is now Germany. But he is also a political reformer and his work is prolific & long lasting. But he does not see the revolution as anything other than a stepping stone to his own advancement, he temporarily replaces the Bourbons with his own family. It has to be said his family, brother in law & so on, were not very good !

Legacy of the French and Indian War?

For the British the legacy of the french and Indian war was a lot of territory in North-America but a lack of money in their economy.

How would you describe the legacy of the French?


What is the movie title 'Tron Legacy' in French?

Tron: L'Héritage is a French equivalent to the title of the movie 'Tron Legacy'.

What was a Roman statesman who became an author?

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman statesman who became an author. His legacy includes influencing the people behind the French Revolution and the US Founding Fathers.

Is legacy mixed?

Well he's black and French

What can you say about the meaning and legacy of the American Revolution for ordinary people?

that is hard question

What impact did Native Americans have on the American Revolution and what was their legacy once the revolution ended?

The majority of American Indians sided with the British during the American Revolution. This had an impact on the Amer. Rev. Their legacy- the Peace of Paris gave land back to the new United States. You can write a term paper on this question. There are many answers to how the Native Americans impacted the Amer. Rev. and their legacy.