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Q: Did Nathan bedford Forrest lead the first KKK consisted of blacks?
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What has the author Richard Skellington written?

Richard Skellington has written: 'How Blacks Lose out in Council Housing' 'The housing of minority groups in Bedford'

Was Nathan bedford Forrest considered a hero or a villan?

Yes. Both. Many in the North consider him evil and many in the South consider him a hero. Those who hate him point to two things: the Massacre at Fort Pillow and his involvement with the Klu Klux Klan after the war. There is a lot of discussion about both. Some even say the KKK was needed to keep the Northern scalawags from taking over the local governments of the Southern States. Then the KKK changed after Forrest resigned and it was used to terrorize the blacks. Even though Forrest was not educated, he was a great businessman before and after the war. It didn't seem to be his nature to want to kill and destroy. However, during the war he excelled in his fighting ability. The book "As They Saw Forrest" by Robert Henry is a collection of writings about General Forrest by people who knew him and even a British royalty. His name was feared by many Union soldiers. He was known to have persuaded some Union soldiers to surrender their position even when they out-numbered Forrest. His fighting abilities were held in high esteem during the war.

In the movie Forrest gump Who carried out the threat to stand in front of the school house doors preventing the blacks from entering?

Governor George Wallace.

What happened during the Civil War with the KKK against blacks?

The Ku Klux Klan was formed after the Civil War by a group of Confederate Army veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee, around 1866. Nathan Bedford Forrest, a former Confederate General, was the Klan's first leader. The group took its name from the Greek word kyklos, meaning circle, and the English word, clan. Members who believed in the superiority of whites soon began to terrorize blacks to keep them from voting. They also put pressure on any whites, north or south, who attempted to help the newly freed slaves. The violent element of the KKK took control of the organization. Because of all the violence, Bedford left the Klan and ordered it to disband, and Congress passed the Force Bill in 1871 giving the President the authority to use federal troops against the Klan. When Reconstruction ended, that phase of the KKK's disappeared. MrV

Why was the Klu Klux Klan organized?

The KKK was originally founded as a replacement to any law agencies after the civil war ended by Nathan Bedford Forrest around 1866. The North had removed much of the law and order within the South and left the reconstruction of the South (for a period anyway) in the hands of the south. The KKK had questionable roots, at best, but did represent some law and order. Blacks were even marginally allowed to join. It quickly, however, digressed into a terrible hate group. It hated virtually anything and everything that was not whatever they were. Questionable roots at best in an era of no law. The current KKK has no useful value whatsoever.

Did black people fight for the Confederacy?

That is much debated topic. There are several websites that seem addresses this. There seems to be many individual cases where one black person did go with his master but he was mainly a servant. There are several documented cases where a Black man applied for benefits after the war but the local State would not recognize that he actually was in the service of the military. However there are several documented cases of blacks serving with Gen Nathan B. Forrest. This seems ironic in that many say Forrest founded the KKK after the war. Officially, the Confederate government decided in March 1865 to allow Blacks to serve. It is said that a regiment(or company) marched through Richmond to go to war before the city fell.

Who are the coons at Forrest Gump's school?

The word as it was used in the movie referred to African-Americans who taking classes at a previously all white college. It's a derogatory slang word for blacks.

Factors that led to the establishment of Jim Crow Laws included which of the following?

Jim Crow laws consisted of any piece of legislation or local policy that restricted the movement of blacks. For example, while blacks could ride in railcars, they had to sit in designated ones. If they chose to ride on a city bus, they had to sit in the back. Many stores and restaurants denied entry to blacks or had areas to keep them segregated from whites. In many cities, blacks could only live in certain areas of town.

Are blacks the original jews?

No. Blacks are not Semitic.

What is law of segregation?

when blacks were separated for whites when blacks were separated for whites when blacks were separated for whites

Did Malcolm X fight for the blacks or whites?


Is the word blacks capitalized?

No, blacks would not be capitalized.

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