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Into space and landed on the moon.

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How did Neil Armstrong go to the bathroom in the space shuttle?

Neil Armstrong never went in the space shuttle ever.

Did neil Armstrong go back into space?

Neil Armstrong never went back into space after the Apollo 11 mission.

When did Neil Armstrong go into outer space?

Neil Armstrong first went to outer space in 1969. Neil Armstrong d'abord allé à l'espace en 1969.

Who has written about Neil Armstrong call the first man?

Neil Armstrong is the first man who go into space

What did Neil Armstrong wear in space?

Neil Armstrong wore a space suit in space

What was the space ship did neil Armstrong go in?

Neil Armstrong has been into space twice, in the Gemini 8 space craft, and also the Apollo 11 moom landing mission.

Why was Neil Armstrong an astronaut?

because he wanted to go into space

What was the name space shuttle Neil Armstrong flew on?

Neil Armstrong has not flown on the Space Shuttle.

Did anyone else go into space before Neil Armstrong?

Yes. A lot of people went into space before Neil Armstrong; he would be known as 'the first person in space' otherwise.

What space shuttle did Neil Armstrong fly on?

Neil Armstrong has never flown on a space shuttle mission.

Does Neil Armstrong have a museum named after him?

the neil armstrong space and air museum

Who did Neil Armstrong go to space with?

Buzz aldrin and micheal collins

Why did Neil Armstrong went into space?

neil armstrong went in to space because scientiests sent him up to the moon

What did neil Armstrong do to become an astronaut?

Neil Armstrong had to go through extensive training to become an astronaut. He also had to go through a lot of learning about the features of space.

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