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Neil did not convert to Christianity. He is still of the Jewsih faith. His second wife, Marcia is Christian. now his 2nd ex-wife. His first wife, Jaye is of Jewish faith and still is, his first ex-wife.

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When did Neil Diamond become a Christian?

Neil Diamond did not become a Christian. He is Jewish.

Is neil diamond a Christian?

Neil Diamond is a Jew of Russian and Polish ancestry.

What were Neil Diamond's Biggest Hits?

Solitary Man (Diamond, Neil)Cherry, Cherry (Diamond, Neil)I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No) (Diamond, Neil)Thank the Lord for the Night Time (Diamond, Neil)Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon (Diamond, Neil)Kentucky Woman (Diamond, Neil)Shilo (Diamond, Neil)You Got to Me (Diamond, Neil)Brooklyn Roads (Diamond, Neil)Red, Red Wine (Diamond, Neil)I'm a Believer (Diamond, Neil)Sweet Caroline (Diamond, Neil)Soolaimon (Diamond, Neil)Cracklin' Rosie (Diamond, Neil)Song Sung Blue (Diamond, Neil)Play Me (Diamond, Neil)Holly Holy (Diamond, Neil)Morningside (Diamond, Neil)Crunchy Granola Suite (Diamond, Neil)Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (Diamond, Neil)I Am...I Said (Diamond, Neil)Be (Diamond, Neil)Longfellow Serenade (Diamond, Neil)Beautiful Noise (Diamond, Neil)If You Know What I Mean (Diamond, Neil)Desiree (Diamond, Neil)September Morn (Diamond, Neil/Becaud, G...)You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Diamond, Neil/Bergman,...)Forever in Blue Jeans (Diamond, Neil/Bennett,...)Hello Again (Diamond, Neil/Lindgren,...)America (Diamond, Neil)Love on the Rocks (Diamond, Neil/Becaud, G...)Yesterday's Songs (Diamond, Neil)Heartlight (Diamond, Neil/Bacharach...)All I Really Need Is You (Diamond, Neil/Hensley,...)

What has the author Neil Diamond written?

Neil Diamond has written: 'Neil Diamond guitar'

Is Selma Diamond related to Neil Diamond?

no Neil Diamond is not related to Selma Diamond

What is the height of Neil Diamond?

Neil Diamond is 5' 11"

How are Neil Diamond and Dustin Diamond related?

They are not related. however Dustin Neil Diamond was named after Neil Diamond. Dustin's middle name "Neil" is named after the great singer Neil Diamond. Crazy right!?!?!?

What religion is Neil Diamond?

Neil Diamond is Jewish. His real name is Neil Leslie Diamond. The middle name Leslie is Jewish.

Who composed Brooklyn Roads by Neil Diamond?

It was written by Neil Diamond.

Who has more hits Boz Scaggs or Neil Diamond?

Neil Diamond

What sport was neil diamond good at?

Neil diamond was 10 when he was in socer

Where does neil diamond live?

neil diamond lives in Colorado, California

Was Neil Diamond the first man to land on the moon?

No! It was Neil ARMSTRONG! Neil Diamond is a singer, not an astronaut.

When was Neil Diamond born?

Neil Diamond was born on January 24, 1941.

Does Neil Diamond give to charities?

Neil Diamond gives to a variety of charities.

Does Neil Diamond sing one of the fruit of the loom songs?

neil diamond

Who is bigger neil diamond barry manilow?

Neil Diamond is 5' 9''.

Which sport does Neil Diamond excel in?

Neil Diamond plays tennis. No- Fencing!

Is neil diamond touring this year?

Neil Diamond has no tours planned for this year

Did neil diamond sing starry starry night?

no it was Don Mclean who sung it not Neil Diamond but Neil Diamond however should do a cover of it on his next album

Who sold more records Neil Diamond or Neil Sedaka?

Neil Diamond may have sold more albums but Neil Sedaka is still touring

Did Neil Diamond ever do fencing?

Yes, Neil Diamond actually had a fencing scholarship.

When was Neil Christian born?

Neil Christian was born on 1943-02-04.

When did Neil Christian die?

Neil Christian died on 2010-01-04.

When did neil diamond get married?

when his wife received a big Diamond Neil Diamond was last married to Marsha Murphey in 1995.

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