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Did New England have religious freedom?

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Yes but to a certain extent. Puritans came to New England in search of Religious Freedom but then only accepted theyir own religion and kicked out any others. Other religious groups often seeked refuge in Rhode Island after being prosecuted in New England.

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Why did new England leave England?

For religious freedom and the promise of a new life

Why was the New England colonies founded?

religious freedom

Why were the New England Colonies settled?

for religious freedom

Is there religious freedom in the southern colonies?

yes there was religious freedom which other colonies such as the new England colonies didn't have

What are the reasons for finding the New England colony?

the answer is for religious freedom

What was the goal of the first settlers in New England?

Religious freedom

What did the first settlers in New England want?

To have religious freedom

What was the goal of the first New England settlers?

to have religious freedom

What tribe left England to America for religious freedom?

Members of the Puritan religion left England in search of religious freedom. They were not a tribe, but a religious sect of Christianity that was being persecuted in England, and they thought that the New World could offer more freedom than England could.

Why did the Puritans locate in New England?

The puritans located to New England because there they were allowed religious freedom

The Pilgrims and Puritans went to what state for religious freedom?

New England:)

What did the puritans in New England believe?

They believed in religious freedom Bruuh !

Why did the New England colonists stay in the New England colonies?

Mainly for religious freedom and liberation from English government.

How did religious freedom develop in the US?

religious freedom was developed when the Quakers settled in the middle colonies. also when the puritans settled in the new England colonies that also developed religious freedom

Who were the settlers that went to new England?

Some were the Puritans who left England looking for religious freedom.

Why did the the Puritans leave England and what colony did they build in New England?

They left England for religious freedom and the landed on Plymouth.

Why did the Puritans of New England come to America?

Puritans came to escape religious persecution in England. They also came for freedom of religion and freedom to worship and new economic opportunities.

How were the New England colonies settled?

Many in the New England area came for religious freedom. Some came for economic opportunities.

Who left England for the Pennsylvania in the New World in search of religious freedom?

Englishman William Penn found Pennsylvania to provide a place for freedom from religious persecution.

Why did England come to America?

Because they wanted a new life, have a job and have religious freedom.

Around 1620 settlers started coming to New England to?

to seek religious freedom

Was Massachusetts founded in New England?

it was founded because puritans wanted their religious freedom

Why did people move to the new England colonies?

they moved there because they wanted their religious freedom

Who led the Pilgrims to New England for religious freedom?

William Brewster and William Bradford.

What was the main reason colonists came to New England was?

Religious freedom, wealth, land.