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New Jersey became a colony before England took control of New Netherland. And this is how I know: England took control of New Netherland in 1664 and New Jersey became a Colony in 1702.

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Why did new netherland become New York?

England took New Netherlands and the king renamed it in honor of the Duke of York.

What is the most common breed of pet rabbit in Pennsylvania?

Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, and Mini Rex. Also the Lionhead has become very popular lately! and maybe the Jersey wooly!

How did american revolution become a world war?

spain france and the netherland become involved.

Why did Henry viii become head of the church in England?

To get the money and influence of the church in England and to take control of the village

How did Delaware become a royal colony?

The King of England took control of Delaware.

When did new jersey become a colony?

When did New Jersey become a colony?

What is Beverwijck?

Beverwijck was a fur-trading community north of Fort Orange on the Hudson River in New Netherland that was to become Albany, New York, when the English took control of the colony in 1664.

How did the United States and England become allies?

The United States and Great Britain became allies in 1991 when England publicly announced that Jersey was the cutest dog in the world.

Why did New Jersey become a separate colony?

At the time it wasn't New Jersey, it was New England and still being ran be Britain; that why it was still a colony.

When did England become a monarchy?

England has been a monarchy since the beginning (around 700) when the kings of Wessex (a part of England) gained control of the whole country and called themselves King of England.

How did New Jersey become a city?

New Jersey did not become a city - it is a state. There is a city in that state called "Jersey City". though.

How did Phareloch Castle in Basking Ridge England become Burlingame Castle?

first its in new jersey USA and it is still called Pheareloch Castel

How did William the Conqueror find out how much England was worth?

He wasn’t interested in “worth” but to control the island and become king.

How did New York and New Jersey become an English colonies?

England sent people over there who started to live there (in short they colonised both places)

When did Ronnie from jersey shore become famous?

The first season of Jersey Shore.

Why did most of the dutch who ventured overseas become traders?

most of the dutch who first ventured to new netherland were fur traders

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